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Air Jordan 4 Retro White Cement ,Air Jordan 4 Columbia 2015 Air Jordan 10 Cool Grey Air Jordan 2 Dark Concord Air Jordan 4 Fear Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue Air Jordan 13 He Got Game 2013 Air Jordan 10 Charlotte Bobcats Air Jordan 4 Fear Air Jordan Spizike Space Blue You can rest easy, Cracked Fans. Bruce Ivins, the man who allegedly tried to destroy Cracked has committed suicide. How did he try to destroy Cracked? Terrific question, Daniel. I'll elaborate. Some of you may remember the series of anthrax attacks in the Spring and Summer of 2001, (what was up with that?). While it was first suspected to be the work of terrorists, suspicions later turned to American scientists who worked exclusively with anthrax. All available evidence pointed to Ivins as the lead suspect and, when he realized that the government wanted to "talk" to him, he took the shit out of his own life. Since the I'll kill myself to prove how not guilty I am defense strategy is actually quite damning in a court of law, it is believed with almost absolute certainty that Ivins was the man who attempted to cripple this great nation by mailing anthrax to the Big Three of the American Economy, (Big Three includes the Government, the Media, and Cracked Magazine). That's right, the targets of the 2001 anthrax attacks included South Dakotan Senator Tom Daschle, news correspondent Tom Brokaw, and American Media Inc., publishers of the now defunct Cracked Magazine, (and various other publications of less importance). According to words I read from former Cracked Editor Mort Todd in the Comics Journal, due to contamination, all of the film used to print the beautiful Cracked magazine from 1958 to 2000 had to be destroyed. That's right. We lost all of the original Cracked prints because some asshole went a little nutty with the anthrax. (It's also suspected that people were so scared of the anthrax attacks that they almost unanimously refused to buy our magazine during its latest relaunch, causing its epic failure after just three issues.) "I never had a chance." Now, Cracked might seem like kind of an unlikely target. Yes, for anyone who's ever wondered why the seemingly inconsequential Cracked joined an exclusive list of high profile targets some seven years ago, wonder no more. I have a little story for you. It just got extremely fucking noir y up in here. It was 2001. Enron was filing for bankruptcy, an earthquake in El Salvador killed 800, and a little movie called The Fast and the Furious was quickly and ferociously speeding towards box office glory. The streets were tough and the times were tougher. I was in a transitional period as far as jobs went. I was just starting to work for Cracked, but I still had my old job as a detective for hire, a Private Investigator. (Dick before dick jokes.) We all did what we had to in the Early OO's just to get by. My detective agency was hired by the United States government after the anthrax attacks on Brokaw and Daschle to get to the bottom of this mystery. Why the government decided to put this case in the hands of a gritty, small time, totally clich detective agency instead of, say, the FBI or the army or scientists, is anyone's guess. The point was, the case was ours, so we had to solve it. We never said "no" to a case, so long as the price was right. I remember heading over to the Chief's office when the case was first handed over to us. I approached Dolly, the Chief's secretary. "What's the good word, Dolly?" She flashed me a smile sweet enough to make even the blackest coffee drinkable. Dolly had these big, blue eyes that she hid behind thick, horn rimmed glasses. You might miss them if you weren't looking for 'em, but I always was. She kept her red hair tied in a tight bun on top of her head, like she was trying to hide her beauty from the world. A sweet kid, but scared; scared of the big city, scared of men, scared of living. I always kinda wondered what it would've been like to nail her. "The Chief will see you in just a minute, Guinness," she said. Oh, right. We already had a Dan at this detective agency before I showed up and, because I was Irish, I was given 'Guinness' as a nickname. This bit of playful racism really cut me to the core and almost made me cry every time I heard it. It was actually the main reason I was leaving detective work for Cracked. I heard they already had an 'O'Brien' there, so I figured I was safe from stereotype based nicknames. After Dolly nodded to me with that sweet, sexy head of hers, I went into the Chief's office. How is it raining inside the office? The Chief sat behind his desk looking exactly like one of those hastily conceived TV Chiefs you've probably seen before; balding, moustache, suspenders. He was maybe even smoking a cigar sometimes. The usual. "It's good to see you, Guinness." They know my family has a history of alcohol abuse. "This looks like a pretty open and shut case to me." He then opened and shut the briefcase on his desk repeatedly to demonstrate his point. This went on for a lot longer than you'd expect, and I was growing pretty uncomfortable. "Chief, I'm not so sure it's all that open and shut." "How do you mean? Terrorists hate America. Someone is trying to poison America. Logic points us towards terrorists. That's open and shut." He squinted at me and reached for his briefcase to again visually explain what he meant by 'open and shut.' I stopped him. "That's what I mean, Chief. It can't be terrorists. It just doesn't make any sense." "How do you figure, Guinness?" My suspicion that terrorists weren't involved was entirely motivated by the fact that I didn't want to travel to a foreign country to solve this case. I knew that wouldn't fly with the Chief, (he loves traveling), so I needed to make something up, and fast. "Well, Chief, the first rule of Detective ing is to figure out who has the most to gain from any given crime. Qui bono, as the saying goes in Latin. 'Who benefits?'" "I know what it means, Guinness, you didn't have to translate it." I stared at my shoes for a little while. I forgot that the Chief was fluent in Latin. I knew he was particularly proud of the accomplishment, and I could tell that I hurt his feelings and I felt downright rotten. He probably doesn't get a lot of chances to show off how much Latin he knows, and here I was, totally blowing it for him. I'd have to remember to make it up to him somehow after we solved this case. "Still, Chief, we're straying from the topic. We're like Dolemite, but with Nukes." I wondered if the Chief was familiar with Dolemite and, specifically, his policy on dealing with motherfuckers. (He cuts them). "So, we have to figure that terrorists wouldn't do it, because they know they'd just be signing their own death warrant. We need to ask ourselves 'Who would benefit?'" "By God, Guinness, you're right! The scientists who work on Anthrax research! The more attacks we receive, the more funding they'd get for their research! It's the scientists!" Wow, I was gonna say "Anthrax Farmers," but the Chief's suggestion sounded much less retarded. Still, I was going to keep "anthrax farmers" on my secret shortlist of suspects in case this scientist theory didn't quite pan out. I wrote "Farmers" in my little detective notepad and slid it back into my pocket. "I want you doing everything you can to track this lead down. Shake up all of your informants, get your hands dirty, and get Tacos on the case, too." 'Tacos' was the nickname given to James Rodriguez, because he's vaguely Mexican. This was a shockingly racist office. "Do whatever you need to do to solve this case." And we did. James and I, (I refuse to call him 'Tacos'), were a tenacious pair of detectives. We weren't afraid to bang down doors, even if it meant getting our hands dirty. "This door is filthy," I recall James saying one morning. And it was, but we banged on it anyway, getting the dirt all over our hands. Even after he washed them, James couldn't stop smelling his hands all day, that's how dirty the door was. "Let's just ask him straight out if he's mailing anthrax to people. I am so sick of beating around the bush," I said as we were walking up to his studio apartment. James was quick to correct me. "Let's not give out too much info too soon. I've got a hunch about this one. If we ask him, he's gonna think we're on to him. We need make him think that we think that anthrax is cool. That way, he'll admit to mailing out anthrax to people, just to impress us." James was a much better detective than me. Ivins came to the door after we fearlessly banged on it looking either like a mad scientist or like a totally normal scientist, depending on which detective you ask. 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Where Can We Buy The Air Jordan 4 Retro White Cement,Air Jordan Spizike Bordeaux They say that the customer is always right, and in some cases this can be true. Today, however, employees in retail get so frustrated by unhappy customers and their rude behavior that they would rather argue back than find a way to make the customer satisfied. Although there a few customers who will never be happy no matter what you do, your goal as a retail worker is to placate the customer and minimize the conflict that could arise from this situation. Read on to find out how to handle an unhappy customer. Stay calm, cool, and collected. It is annoying when unhappy customers are rude, and chances are, your first instinct would be to snap back. But keep yourself from doing so. Arguing back will not make the situation any better. Rise above the customer by staying calm. One way you can keep your head clear is to detach yourself from the situation and try to view it the way an outsider would. If the issue is something that lies beyond your expertise, contact your supervisor or manager and ask for help. Do not offer the customer any refunds, discounts, additional offers, or freebies unless a higher up says you can. Doing so, only for the customer to find out that your offer is invalid, will make him or her angrier and lose trust in your company or store. And the last thing you want is to get fired trying to help a customer. Always remain friendly and pleasant to the customer even if you think their complaint is completely ridiculous. Save your ranting and your remarks for your cigarette break with your employees. If the customer is being too emotional or verbally abusive for you to handle, call a coworker or your manager to help you handle the situation. Never try to send irate customers away by asking them to read the store policy guidelines. This is a very impersonal way of dealing with unhappy customers and shows that you don't care. Remember, your behavior is a reflection of the company. Remember, each customer that patronizes your company is unique with their own unique concerns. Put yourself in their shoes wouldn't you be irate and frustrated too if a certain service went wrong or if a product failed to meet expectations? Just stay calm and cool headed when dealing with unhappy customers, and the situation will blow over before you know it. Air Jordan 4 Retro White Cement The United States Postal Service in the last year has implemented priority flat rate mail service. Flat rate service is good for any type of parcel. Flat rate boxes or packages are beneficial for shipping because as long as the item can fit into the package or box it will ship for one flat rate no matter the size or weight. The padded flat rate envelope measures 12.5 x 9.5 in. and is good for shipping small electronics or jewelry. The small priority flat rate box measures at 8 x 5 x 1 in. and is also good for shipping small electronics and jewelry. These boxes will also ship brochures. Medium flat rate boxes measure at 11 x 8.5 x 5.5 in. and ship office supplies, computer hardware and shoes as well. There is also another medium flat rate box measuring at 13 x 11 x 3 in. and it is good for shipping clothing and AV equipment. The large flat rate box measures 12 x 12 x 5.5 in. and will ship care packages, small appliances and laptop computers for one flat rate. Flat rate packages will generally reach their destination in two or three business days. Flat rate packages and boxes can be ordered from USPS online and delivered to your home. Express mail is ideal if you need to get a parcel somewhere in an expedited manner. This is the absolute fastest way to send parcels. Deliveries are generally made year round, even on holidays and weekends. Express mail provides free tracking for the parcel and must be signed for upon delivery. This guarantees delivery. Express mail is more expensive than other avenues to mail parcel packages, but you can save on postage if you print and pay for it through USPS online. Mail any type of parcel with express mail. Be sure to wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and label each item if necessary.

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