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You will find Christian Poetry in many different places. You will find it in community centers as and in churches. Sometimes you will even find it in periodicals and in non fiction writings. Christian Poetry is inspirational to those who are in ill health, people who have lost a loved one, and those who are in a disheartened state or in life challenges. This inspirational poetry is ideal for sharing an uplifting message for someone that needs to hear some encouraging words. Christian Poetry can inspire and speak to you at an emotional level, unlike any other form of poetry. For those individuals who are emotionally down due to a life changes, inspirational poetry emphasizes that they are loved and not alone. An inspirational poet normally has first hand life experiences, or the experiences of loved ones to pour into words on a page. A walk through life is filled with moments and difficulties which we find ourselves in an emotional, physical or family upheaval. These are the moments when a poem can speak directly to a hurting heart and help bring about thought, growth and healing. The amount of Christian Poets is extensive, however each possesses a very unique way of expressing compassion through their poetry. Each and every Poet has a different perspective on things they say with regard to their own experiences that very few others can put into words. If life's troubles have you down, try reading some Christian and Inspirational poetry. 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Men Nike Free 5.0 Purple Force Bright Citrus Anthracite Quilted,Manley decides against run for county executive May 19, 1998By Larry Carson Larry Carson,SUN STAFF Republican hopes for a prominent candidate to run against Democratic Baltimore County Executive C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger took another hit yesterday, as former Catonsville Republican Councilwoman Berchie Lee Manley said she won't enter the race. "You have to have the fire in the belly to want to do it and I do but it's in the best interests of my family not to do it," said Manley, refusing to elaborate. The decision, by the only prominent county Republican who had been actively considering a race, leaves the GOP without a candidate for the county's top job, with less than two months until the filing deadline. "It's a good year for incumbents. It's unfortunate," said Towson Republican Councilman Douglas B. Riley. But Manley's announcement and the lack of any apparent GOP candidate for the county's top job delights Democrats. "We love it," said Larry Simmons, chairman of the Democratic State Central Committee. "It helps us. It gives us more time and energy to put into other races." Although Ruppersberger's campaigns have always been hotly contested, his supporters don't seem worried this year, at least not so far. Michael H. Davis, Ruppersberger's spokesman, said the executive might be "disappointed" at the prospect of an easy re election. "He loves campaigning. He loves people" and competition, Davis said. Manley, 69, did fire one parting shot at Ruppersberger, calling him "too powerful. He is controlling commissions, boards, trus tees and the school board," she said. "He ceases to be a leader and becomes a dictator."

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