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From then until his death in ctober 2004, the silver screen Superman became the most famous face of spinal cord injury. But he was not alone. Frequent causes of damage are trauma (car accident, gunshot, falls, etc.) or disease (polio, spina bifida, Friedreich's Ataxia, etc.). The spinal cord does not have to be severed in order for a loss of functioning to occur. In fact, in most people with SCI, the spinal cord is intact, but the damage to it results in loss of functioning. There are about 10,000 new SCI's every year; the majority of them (82%) involve males between the ages of 16 30. Overall, 85% of SCI patients who survive the first 24 hours are still alive 10 years later. The most common cause of death is due to diseases of the respiratory system, with most of these being due to pneumonia. These include subsequent unintentional injuries, suicides and homicides, but do not include persons dying from multiple injuries sustained during the original accident. Spinal cord injury affects a disproportionate amount of men. More than half the people living with a spinal cord injury were injured between the ages of 16 and 30. However, research shows an increase in the number of people who are at least 61 years old at the time of injury. Sports and recreational activities cause up to 10 percent of the 11,000 spinal cord injuries in the United States each year. A relatively minor injury can cause spinal cord injury in people with conditions that affect their bones or joints, such as arthritis or osteoporosis. What is the spinal cord and the vertebra?The spinal cord is about 18 inches long and extends from the base of the brain, down the middle of the back, to about the waist. The nerves that lie within the spinal cord are upper motor neurons (UMNs) and their function is to carry the messages back and forth from the brain to the spinal nerves along the spinal tract. The spinal nerves that branch out from the spinal cord to the other parts of the body are called lower motor neurons (LMNs). These spinal nerves exit and enter at each vertebral level and communicate with specific areas of the body. The sensory portions of the LMN carry messages about sensation from the skin and other body parts and organs to the brain. The brain and the spinal cord constitute the Central Nervous System. These bones constitute the spinal column (back bones). In general, the higher in the spinal column the injury occurs, the more dysfunction a person will experience. The vertebra are named according to their location. The eight vertebra in the neck are called the Cervical Vertebra. The top vertebra is called C 1, the next is C 2, etc. Cervical SCI's usually cause loss of function in the arms and legs, resulting in quadriplegia. The twelve vertebra in the chest are called the Thoracic Vertebra. The vertebra in the lower back between the thoracic vertebra, where the ribs attach, and the pelvis (hip bone), are the Lumbar Vertebra. The sacral vertebra run from the Pelvis to the end of the spinal column. SCI can be divided into two types of injury complete and incomplete. A complete injury means that there is no function below the level of the injury; no sensation and no voluntary movement. Both sides of the body are equally affected. With the advances in acute treatment of SCI, incomplete injuries are becoming more common. The level of injury is very helpful in predicting what parts of the body might be affected by paralysis and loss of function. Injuries above the C 4 level may require a ventilator for the person to breathe. C 5 injuries often result in shoulder and biceps control, but no control at the wrist or hand. C 6 injuries generally yield wrist control, but no hand function. Individuals with C 7 and T 1 injuries can straighten their arms but still may have dexterity problems with the hand and fingers. Injuries at the thoracic level and below result in paraplegia, with the hands not affected. At T 1 to T 8 there is most often control of the hands, but poor trunk control as the result of lack of abdominal muscle control. Lower T injuries (T 9 to T 12) allow good truck control and good abdominal muscle control. Sitting balance is very good. For example, they may experience dysfunction of the bowel and bladder. Sexual functioning is frequently with SCI may have their fertility affected, while women's fertility is generally not affected. Very high injuries (C 1, C 2) can result in a loss of many involuntary functions including the ability to breathe, necessitating breathing aids such as mechanical ventilators or diaphragmatic pacemakers. Both Lisa and Mitch have received the top rating for ability and ethics by Martindale Hubbell and their firm is listed in the prestigious Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. Next >Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 January 2011 18:53Who's OnlineWe have 282 guests online Site StatisticMembers : 51015 Content : 87441 Web Links : 1423 Content View Hits : 15248823 Remember me Forgot login? RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle Men Nike Free Run 3 Cool Grey Silver Sail University Red ,Nike Free 4.0 Game Royal Blue Electric Green Pure Platinum Wmns Roshe Run PRM Women Peppermint Candy Sail Men Nike Free Run 3 Black Silver White Nike Roshe Run Men Obsidian Volt Nike Roshe Run Men Obsidian Volt Women Nike Free 4.0 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Fireberry Nike Roshe Run Women Red Volt Men Nike Free Run 3 Dark Grey Prism Blue Nike Roshe Run Men Volt Cool Grey Footwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 CollectionFootwear styles from the Steve Madden X Peace Love Shea Fall 2014 Collection. Men Nike Free Run 3 Cool Grey Silver Sail University Red,Top of Line Davos(TM) Collection Sets Tone for Category With Emphasis on Comfort, Technology and Durability CHATSWORTH, Calif., March 9 /PRNewswire/ Moving mountains might still require miracles, but climbing mountain trails will become a whole lot easier and much more fun with K Swiss' new fall '94 line of rugged outdoor shoes for men and women. Whether challenging mountains or simply taking a hike in the woods, K Swiss has the shoe to please any outdoor enthusiast. The company's new outdoor line, featuring the davos(TM) Collection, emphasizes comfort from the moment one tries on the shoes. In addition, all the shoes in the new line represent the leading edge in innovative technology and craftsmanship. Named after the picturesque town of Davos, located in southeast Switzerland and home of Europe's largest natural ice skating rink and the largest ski resort in the Alps, the K Swiss davos(TM) Collection stands at the top of the company's expanded new outdoor line. K Swiss That line boasts nearly 20 new models for men and women. Included in the davos(TM) Collection are three new models for men the Pontano(TM), the Muralto(TM) and the Ledrone(TM) and two new models for women the Talara(TM) and the Foret(TM). Each features a polyurethane midsole with a full length Silicone Formula 18(R) footbed for superior cushioning and shock absorption. The Silicone Formula 18(R) is the same product used in K Swiss' award winning, high performance Si 18(R) tennis shoes. The entire upper of the top of the line Pontano(TM) is made of Weathertuff(R) waterproof leather, and there is a gusset tongue to prevent water seepage. The shoe's custom contoured heel counter provides superior anatomical fit, heel support and comfort, while a flexible ankle collar prevents pressure in downhill trekking. Other features of the shoe include a removable Poliyou(R) molded insole that disperses moisture and has odor eating properties, and a durable Aosta(R) rubber lug outsole for traction and stability. For added stability, the shoe also has a midfoot alloy shank. It comes in sizes 6 1/2 to 12 and 13 in olive/black and auburn/black and forest green/black colors. The second men's model in the davos(TM) Collection, the Muralto(TM), features a Weathertuff(R) Nubuck or Weathertuff(R) leather and 1200 denier ballistic nylon upper that is water resistant. The shoe also has a gusset tongue, flexible ankle collar, custom contoured heel counter, and midfoot alloy shank, along with a removable Poliyou(R) molded insole and Aosta(R) rubber lug outsole. Like other models in the davos(TM) Collection, it also has a slightly flared outsole to prevent slippage when traversing or trekking. The Muralto(TM) also is available in sizes 6 1/2 to 12 and 13, and comes in cocoa/dark brown or black/grey colors. Rounding out the davos(TM) Collection for men is the Ledrone(TM), which features a leather, oiled suede and 1200 denier ballistic nylon upper that is water resistant. The shoe also incorporates most of the standard features of the davos(TM) Collection such as a removable Poliyou(R) molded insole, an Aosta(R) rubber lug outsole and a gusset tongue to prevent water seepage. Available in the same men's sizes as the other two davos(TM) Collection models, the Ledrone(TM) is available in three colors: golden brown/black, black/black and brown/dark brown. The two new women's models in the davos(TM) Collection are the Talara(TM), which features a Weathertuff(R) Nubuck or Weathertuff(R) leather and 1200 denier ballistic nylon upper that is water resistant, and the Foret(TM), which has a water resistant oiled suede and 1200 denier ballistic nylon upper. Both women's models in the davos(TM) Collection incorporate the same standard features as the men's models: a gusset tongue, custom contoured heel counter, removable Poliyou(R) molded insole and Aosta(R) rubber leg outsole. The Talara(TM) is offered in shades of copper/indigo blue and black/grey, while the Foret(TM) comes in natural/taupe and rust black colors. Both are available in women's sizes 5 10. Other new K Swiss fall '94 outdoor models for men include the Vandro(TM) and the Alturi(TM), along with a new version of a popular existing model, the Montrau(TM). The mid cut height Vandro(TM) features a water resistant oiled suede and 1200 denier ballistic nylon upper, a gusset tongue to prevent water seepage, achilles notch for support and stability without restricting ankle movement, and dual construction, stitch welted polyurethane outsole unit for durability. Available in standard men's sizes, it is offered in rust/cinnamon and black/black colors. A mid cut hiking boot with a leather, oiled suede and 1200 denier ballistic nylon upper, the Alturi(TM) has the same construction features as the Vandro(TM), but comes in a choice of three colors: golden brown/wheat, brown/tan and black/black. Constructed with an oiled suede and lightweight, rugged nylon mesh upper, the Montrau(TM) also has an EVA midsole for cushioning and shock absorption. It also features self cleaning lug outsole design that provides excellent support and stability on rough terrain. It comes in black green and brown/brown/green colors. Other new women's outdoor models for fall '94 include the Leggia(TM) and a new, updated version of the high top Rovetta(TM). A water resistant boot, the Leggia(TM) has a leather or oiled suede and 1200 denier ballistic nylon upper, EVA midsole and self cleaning lug outsole, and is board lasted for stability. The model is offered in three colors: moss green/black, golden brown/wheat and black/grey. A popular returning model, the Rovetta(TM) has a combination suede and nylon mesh upper, perforated sponge rubber insole that allows perspiration and heat to dissipate from the foot, and a thermoplastic shank support located between the outsole and midsole to provide maximum rearfoot stability. For an easy, adjustable fit the Rovetta(TM) also has D rings on its collar. It comes in grey/navy and neutral/purple shades. Rounding out K Swiss' exciting new fall '94 outdoor line are two new models available in low and 3/4 styles in both men's and women's sizes. Incorporating a Weathertuff(R) leather or Weathertuff(R) Nubuck upper, the Husca(TM) features a dual density foam insole for cushioning and a dual construction, stitch welted polyurethane outsole unit for durability. In addition, the shoe is leather lined for superior comfort. In men's sizes, it is available in olive, auburn and black colors in the low style and in shades of auburn and black in the 3/4 style. Women's colors are black and forest green in the low model, and copper and black in the 3/4 model. The water resistant Grommet(TM) has an upper made of 1200 denier ballistic nylon, high wall foxing and fashionable rubber toe cap for added strength, and vulcanized construction for long lasting wear. In the men's low style, it is offered in white, navy and black, while the Grommet(TM) high model comes in forest, black and white. The women's Grommet(TM) low model comes in forest, white, navy and black colors, while the high model is offered in black and white. 0 3/9/94 /NOTE TO EDITORS: If you would like samples of our new Fall '94 outdoor line for photo shoots, wear testing or editorial purposes of any kind, I would be happy to send them to you. Photos and transparencies also are available, as well as tech sheets on each of the new models. If you have any questions, please call Bill Krenn, 818 998 3388. K Swiss is committed to the outdoor market, and we are extremely proud of the craftsmanship and comfort technology that we have applied to the new entries in our outdoor category./

Shop The Latest Styles With Free Shipping Over 75 Men Nike Free Run 3 Cool Grey Silver Sail University Red,Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted Minnesota Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel (16) runs out of the tunnel with his teammates prior to action against the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014, at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. The Vikings won the preseason clash, 30 12. (David Eulitt/Kansas City Star/MCT) Charley Walters (Pioneer Press: Scott Takushi)Aug 30:Charley Walters: Adrian Peterson has good years ahead, Foreman saysAug 23:Charley Walters: New Timberwolves forward Andrew Wiggins called 'the whole package'Aug 16:Charley Walters: What if Teddy Bridgewater doesn't pan out?Aug 9:Charley Walters: Ex Viking Matt Birk begins NFL front office climbAug 2:Charley Walters: Timberwolves likely to trade Kevin Love by late AugustJul 26:Charley Walters: No chance Kevin Love will stay with TimberwolvesJul 12:Charley Walters: Former Twins Oliva, Kaat deserve place in Hall of Fame, Carew saysJul 5:Charley Walters: Thomas Vanek signing is big; so is new Xcel scoreboardJun 21:Charley Walters: Kevin Love's job hunting is 'free enterprise,' ex Gopher Mychal Thompson saysJun 14:Charley Walters: Vikings' Christian Ponder realizes his role with teamMay 24:Charley Walters: Alex Meyer, Trevor May won't see Twins' big stage soonMay 17:Charley Walters: Twins are 'beating expectations,' team president saysMay 10:Charley Walters: Wild's Yeo doing all he can to win in Chicago Veteran Matt Cassel, 32, will start at quarterback for the Vikings in the regular season opener Sunday afternoon in St. Louis even though rookie Teddy Bridgewater, 21, played as well during the exhibition season. Bridgewater, 21, the "people's choice" QB, said he's comfortable and confident entering the season. "I'm (confident) because the coaching staff has coached me well to this point and prepared me for this moment," the even tempered former Louisville star said. "I just have to stay prepared. I'm comfortable, but at the same time I can't get too comfortable because there's always room for improvement. So I'm using this time to continue to get as much knowledge as I can." Bridgewater, whose exhibition season passer rating was 111.2 (Cassel's was 103.3), believes he learned to play faster and be more decisive in his exhibition outings. He said he's working hard in practices to improve his communication, footwork and mechanics. Bridgewater's only Minnesota endorsement deal to date is with Radisson Hotels. "I don't want to do much (endorsements) going into the season," he said. The Vikings finished 4 0 in exhibition games. Are they a playoff team in the regular season? "I don't go that far," ninth year linebacker Chad Greenway said. "I think you just take it one game at a time. Obviously, it's a tough schedule early on, and starting on the road (St. Louis) is tough. But I'm excited to go to St. Louis and get this first one under our belt, and to play in this defense for coach (Mike) Zimmer. I think the sky's the limit.""Just win, baby," Greenway said. The Twins, who are on their way to a fourth straight season of at least 90 losses, plan on becoming contenders again."Better players," club President Dave St. Peter said. "Ultimately we need to make better baseball decisions. Ultimately, we need to do a better job of leading our team. It's a combination it's the front office, it's the scouts, it's the minor leagues, it's the major league staff and ultimately it's the players." That's not to say the Twins haven't had positives this season. "Every successful period the Twins have ever had, whether it be the '60s or '87 or '91 or certainly the 2000s, has been largely fueled by players that we scouted, that we drafted, that we developed, that we brought to the big leagues. And from all indications, this next wave is the real deal." That's on paper. "Talk is cheap," St. Peter said. "We have to get it done on the field. But we're very encouraged by what (rookie Kennys) Vargas has done, what (Oswaldo) Arcia continues to show, what Santana has done, even (Jorge) Polanco earlier this year, (Kyle) Gibson. Hopefully, we'll see much more of that here in September, because September matters." This month could determine a lot about the team's future. The Twins say they haven't made any decisions about changes yet. "Clearly, September is a critical month of evaluation," St. Peter said. "At some point in the relatively near future, (owner) Jim Pohlad, (general manager) Terry Ryan and myself will sit down and assess where we're at and ultimately make decisions aimed at trying to make us better." Men Nike Free Run 3 Cool Grey Silver Sail University Red That space of time we call "Falling in Love". We wish this passionate phase in our lives could last forever. The heady feelings of lust and romance, that sweet feeling you get when your lover takes you by the hand. This passion does not last. It is unrealistic to expect it would. When you think about it, the act of falling in love is somewhat exhausting and for some it may be a relief when the rush of love settles down. And in its place comes a stronger love. Some relationships may end when the passion wears off, as one partner may misunderstand the other, and not feel loved anymore. In many situations this is not the case. Remember back to when you and your love first fell in love. Do you remember the excitement and the sleepless nights? It is true what they say; that man cannot live on love alone. For your relationship to go the distance, that euphoria of excitement and passion needs to be replaced with the act of growing in love together, learning about each other and building a solid foundation based on love, trust and commitment that will last forever. In every relationship, even in their infancy there are tell tale signs that will show you whether the relationship and your significant other is growing and moving along in the right direction or heading up the garden path. In writing this article, I make the assumption that it early days in the relationship, and this is a guide for those who may feel as though something is amiss and may be able to fix the problem or leave and find a more suitable partner. Does your lover call regularly and are you spending plenty of quality time together? When you first fell in love it was impossible to imagine being apart from each other, however it is quite normal for those feelings to subside and for both partners to wish to have some space outside the relationship. If it seems like your mate is otherwise engaged in various activities and not calling regularly or taking you out very much, then this could be a sign that things are not well in your relationship. Do you both agree on most issues, such as your basic needs and values? This is an important sign as to whether you are both right for each other. In the euphoric state of love you probably agreed on most things. But if you feel that you are both bickering about the important issues and perhaps the minor ones, like what to have for dinner, this could mean trouble. A time will come when you will not discuss issues and hold your feelings inside and that can cause the most emotionally mature person to explode in frustration and anger. Do you have many interests that you both share, like a love of animals or music? Imagine your love serenading you with a love song, whilst playing the guitar. How romantic did you feel after that? Of course you would not expect him or her to serenade you every day, but if you are not sharing those special things you enjoy together, then this could be a sign. It also could be a wake up call to focus on your interests together. Has your sex live taken a dive? This could be a very good sign that things are amiss. Having said that; there could be a really good reason for your mate to refuse sex. If it seems like your lover is just making excuses and not telling you the real reason then you need to communicate and discuss these issues with care and compassion. Don assume that they are not attracted to you anymore, get the facts. And this point leads on to my next observation about relationships Is your communication good? Do you still find it easy to talk to your lover? Or do you shudder at the though of bringing up a sensitive topic? If you cannot communicate with each other, then the bottom line is; you are in trouble. No relationship can survive without communication and good communication at that. If you do not have good communication and a comfortable way of relating between you then it is going to be doubly hard to solve any kind of problem that arises. Especially the problem outlined above. You need to know how to listen with your eyes and your ears, and talk from the heart with compassion and care. You should be able to resolve conflict where both partners win. Do you feel as if you are not good enough? Does your partner put you down or criticise you? We are all good enough, and criticising others is a waste of time. This type of behaviour only shatters that person self esteem. How much of a wonderful partner will they be to the other if this is happening? If your partner is criticising you; ask them to stop it. If you are criticising your partner, then stop, now. Find another way to deal with the issues within your lover that you do not like. There are ways of talking with your lover that raise negative issues without attacking your lover. Is your partner flirting with others? Or being secretive? Do you think they are cheating on you? This is very hard to spot or pin point and really it probably best to ask them straight out. "Are you seeing somebody else?" If they lie to you, you will know, the guilt will be written all over their face, unless the person is an excellent liar. Don sneak around and snoop through their things, their mobile phone or car. Confront your lover, head on. You are supposed to trust this person and snooping around or following them is not showing trust. Even if you live with your lover or are married to them, showing them you trust them is really important. As I said above, I feel that you should be completely straight forward about how you feel. When you first met it was all so easy to keep the spark alive. Perhaps you are feeling like the spark is no longer glowing. This is where you make or break the relationship. It begins with you. You need to look deep into your heart and soul and decide if you really want a relationship with this person. Start by doing as many things as you can to build your self esteem and be a loving person to your self in every way possible. Your partner will begin to respond in kind. Talk out your issues one by one, sticking to that subject until it is resolved, then move on the next topic. Be upfront and direct about what bothers you, and always be compassionate towards your lover. When they are talking about their feelings, try and stand in their shoes as you listen to them and then ask the same of them. Get involved with your interests and hobbies and encourage them to join you. Have fun together, laugh together. These things are so important in building closeness. This is the beginning of that solid foundation that you will be building for the future. A mature love, that grows and grows and the two of you become one. She also endorses and promotes other peoples written work, in the form of articles, E Books and hard copy literature. Jel is an animal lover, avid reader, and loves to delve into controversial issues, she is passionate about writing and creating work that will encourage the reader to look into themselves, she also loves to make people laugh. Jel lives in Canberra with her partner, and her dog Brody and Spider her black cat. Jel is almost finished her BA Sociology at University and is would very much like to work as a social worker/counsellor. Jel currently counsels and advises people via email who are having problems in their relationships. She is currently working on a number of writing projects and hopes to have her first book published soon. Visit the links below:.

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