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CHARDON, Ohio Sorrow and disbelief replaced the chaos of Monday morning's school shooting in Chardon, Ohio, as residents and investigators tried to sort out what prompted a young man to open fire on a table of students in the school cafeteria, killing one and wounding four others. "I just can't believe it. I don't think it's real," said student Danny Komertz, who witnessed the shooting. Witnesses said he walked up to a table of four students he may have known and began shooting. A teacher identified by students as Frank Hall, an assistant football coach helped chase the gunman out of the school. Police say they arrested the suspect a short time later in the township of Chardon, a community of about 5,000 people 30 miles east of Cleveland. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in a statement. Police Chief Tim McKenna declined to identify the suspect, while school Superintendent Joseph Bergant said only that he was a student. Lane . One of Lane's friends, Haley Kovacik, said she's in "complete shock" that Lane whom she described as a "a very normal, just teenage boy" could be behind the shooting. "He did have a sad look in his eyes a lot of the time, but he talked normally, he never said anything strange," Kovacik told CNN. "It was a really big shock." On December 30, Lane posted a long, poetic rant on his Facebook page centered "in a quaint lonely town, (where there) sits a man with a frown (who) longed for only one thing, the world to bow at his feet." "He was better than the rest, all those ones he detests, within their castles, so vain," he wrote. He concluded the post by writing, "Die, all of you." The student killed in Monday's shooting was identified by his family as Daniel Parmertor. "We are shocked by this senseless tragedy," Parmertor's family said in a statement released by MetroHealth Medical Center. "Danny was a bright young boy who had a bright future ahead of him. The family is torn by this loss." Parmertor and two other wounded students were taken by helicopter to MetroHealth, hospital representative Shannon Mortland said in a statement. that the other two were in critical condition. Another two students injured in the shooting, one male and one female, were taken to Hillcrest Hospital, spokeswoman Heather Phillips said. One was in serious condition, and the other was in stable condition, according to McKenna. A student at Chardon High, Evan Erasmus, said the victims were Chardon students who attended a nearby vocational school, and were waiting for a bus to take them there. Lane himself is a student at the Lake Academy Alternative School, said the school's interim director, Don Ehas. Police recovered a handgun and gave it to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for examination, that agency said. A law enforcement source said the Geauga County sheriff's office and federal agents were executing search warrants in the case, but the official did not provide locations. The Plain Dealer of Cleveland reported that Nate Mueller, who was slightly wounded in the shooting, said he was sitting with others at a table in the cafeteria when Lane approached them. "My friends were crawling on the floor, and one of my friends was bent over the table, and he was shot," the newspaper quoted Mueller as saying. "It was almost like a firecracker went off. I turned around and saw (Lane) standing with a gun, and I saw him take a shot." Mueller said he ran from the building, hid and called police, according to the newspaper. He later showed CNN affiliate WKYC his bloody ear, which he said had been grazed by a bullet. "It's pretty fake to me, still," Mueller said. "It all feels like a movie." Komertz said he heard a pop as he was walking with friends. He looked up to see a boy he did not recognize holding a gun, pointing it at a group of four students. "He just fired two quick shots at them," Komertz said. "I saw one student fall, and I saw the other hiding, trying to get cover underneath the table." Komertz said he started to run when he saw the gun, but heard a total of five shots. A student who identified herself as Victoria told CNN affiliate WJW that she heard a boom and turned to look into the cafeteria to see the student holding a silver handgun, standing 10 to 15 feet from a table of students. Men Nike Free Run 3 Sequoia Electric Green ,Nike Roshe Run Men Black Solar Red Free Run 3 Men Light Midnight Electric Green Pro Platinum Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Crimson Lemon Platinum Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Grey Gym Red Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red Nike Roshe Run Women Grey Blue Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Dark Obsidian Silver Soar Blue Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Gym Red Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Yellow Quilted A big chunk of the world economy runs on human weakness. Peer pressure, vanity, insecurity, the fact that we just cannot resist the sight of melted cheese all of these will make us fork over our cash. And really, we're fine with that. But what you may not know is that there are some other, much weirder scientific principles that factor into what you buy. You might not know about them, but the people selling you things sure as hell do. You step in the front door of your nearest chain grocery store. What's immediately to your right? At Wal Mart, Kroger, Whole Foods and countless others, that's the fresh produce section. Some of them have their baked goods over there, too. And at those stores, the doors and registers are positioned to steer you that direction when you walk in. This is the only sheep based image we'll use this article. Promise. This is because, after , they've found that we're as easy to predict as animal migrations. Studies show that Americans like to shop counter clockwise. Over time, they've found that stores that cater to this by putting the door on the right do better business than stores with the door in the center or, worst of all, the left. Grocery stores are laid out to lead you around a set path you didn't even know you were following. Knowing you'll head right, they place the freshest, best looking stuff they've got right in your path. Not the most popular stuff, mind you they know most of you didn't run to the store at midnight to buy lettuce, and they know that if they put the Doritos to the right, you'd grab them and head to the counter. Instead, they lead off with the produce, which . The idea is that you'll associate the rest of the store with the freshness, bright colors and nice smells you got from the nicely laid out produce. "Boy, those fresh carrots sure did help me forget that everything in this aisle has been dead for weeks." After they hit you with the brightly colored lemons, apples and oranges, they schedule your predictable counter clockwise path so that different products show up at the exact time that will make you most likely to buy. The stuff you actually came for cola, chips, milk, eggs, sliced cheese, cookies doesn't show up until the end, once your cart is chock full of stuff you didn't know you needed when you walked through the automatic doors. Remember, the goal is to keep you in the store as long as possible, and to make you pass as many shelves as possible. You can't buy the new nacho cheese flavored Hamburger Helper if you don't know it exists. We know that rotational patterns like this , but nobody is quite sure why humans do it. Studies have shown that British, Australian or Japanese shoppers tend to go the opposite way (clockwise) through the store, so some have speculated that it's based on the side of the road you're most used to driving on. If you drive on the right, you head right and follow the wall around. But whatever causes the impulse, it's really strong. A store in Philadelphia . They forced customers to enter using the left entrance, only to see them immediately head to the right once inside. The managers then put down several pallets of goods in the way, thinking shoppers would just shrug and turn left and continue shopping. They were wrong. Customers struggled by the blockade to the right, shoving their carts through, demanding to move in a counterclockwise fashion, "as determined as salmon swimming upstream." 4. You Can't Resist Shiny Things They're both shiny, and they're both expensive. Those things are not coincidental, and retailers know it. It's almost a physical response humans automatically assume something that gleams is fancy and valuable. Hell, most people subconciously think their car runs better after it's been washed and/or waxed. "There's no way this can be the same shitty 1988 Geo Metro I was driving before! Look how shiny it is!" Likewise, go into any high end shopping mall, and every surface you look at will be gleaming its ass off: Don't you just want to lick every inch of this? A company called Envirosell Inc. Postal Service and many others) did a study on this and found that . We can't help it. Well, for one thing we know that it isn't just humans birds like shiny stuff too (you even hear stories of them stealing jewelry). Researchers came up with an interesting theory back in 1990, saying that it's due to an ability that evolved , back when the species had to worry about that sort of thing. This was during the "shitting in bushes" phase of our evolution. In their study, they showed volunteers four pictures of water of varying shininess. The shiniest was selected as the best in terms of quality, especially by women. In part two of the experiment, Researchers noted that infants would lick or put their lips on mirrored surfaces. Given the choice between a regular white plate and a reflective plate, the majority chose the reflective plate to try to ram their face into. Lay a shiny plate on the floor, and the kid will actually get down like he's drinking from a pond, licking the center of it. None of the infants tested did this with the white plate, they were just gumming the edge instead. So, the theory goes that early humans who had an eye for gleaming surfaces in the distance were able to pass on their genes, and today all of us get a little charge when we see light reflected on the surface of something. This holiday season, like every one before it, will feature multiple stories of a stampede at a department store that was featuring "door buster" sales the morning after Thanksgiving. Hundreds of crazy people lining up in the predawn hours, not to buy something rare or even valuable, but just the same shit they could have bought the day before. The act of shopping itself, the high they get from it, is what's they're there for. And stores take advantage by turning it into an adrenaline charged event. We love to mock people like this, the rabid shoppers and women addicted to buying shoes, but let us ask you guys something: do you play video games? Tell us you don't have multiple games in your collection that you've bought but never played. Surveys show more than 10% of you have games you never even took out of the shrinkwrap. There are entire websites devoted to helping gamers work through their backlog of purchased but unplayed games. Why? Because gamers simply like buying games, often more than actually playing them. And they like bitching about games on the Internet most of all. Look around your place. How many of your DVD's have you actually watched? Do you own that 19 season Simpsons box set? Are you actually going to sit down and watch all 110 discs, or did it just seem like a cool thing to buy, for the sake of buying it? Dopamine. Sweet, sweet dopamine. This is the stuff your brain produces in response to sex, recreational drugs, or a really good cheeseburger. It serves all kinds of functions related to behavior, cognition, movement, and other important things like keeping the drool inside your mouth and lactating. Can't forget lactating. More importantly, dopamine is also the gatekeeper to rewards and punishments, a system it uses to motivate us to, among other things, explore, learn and acquire new stuff. So not only does shopping satisfy the "new stuff" need but research shows the feeling intensifies when you visit a new store or go out of town for example, shoppers are more likely to buy something expensive and stupid when they're on vacation. Not for the expensive and stupid thing, remember, but for our dark master, dopamine. Men Nike Free Run 3 Sequoia Electric Green,Ms Stevens said: "We want to make it even better this year. We want more tables in the cultural based organisations, like the Ashmolean. We really hope to cover the whole city." The council is also looking for volunteers to sign up to run the tables. Board member for parks, sport and events, Mark Lygo, said: "We are keen to make this year's festival even bigger and better, reaching even deeper into our communities. "Volunteering in sport is a fantastic opportunity to give something back to our communities and a great way to get out and about meeting new people." Volunteers would have to visit the tables regularly and note how many people of what sort of ages are playing, and alert the council to any problems. One of last year's volunteers was 16 year old Simon Price. The two time Oxford junior table tennis champion said: "Me and my mum supervised a lot of the tables, encouraging other people to play. I thought it was really good. We had loads of people coming up to play." The Matthew Arnold School pupil added: "Table tennis is really easy. It's a sport anyone can get involved in.

100 Original Quality Men Nike Free Run 3 Sequoia Electric Green,Women Nike Free Run 3 Liquid Lime Reflect Silver Volt Adjectives can come before a noun and after verbs such as feel, be, and seem. An adjective comes before a noun because it is modifying the attributes of the noun. When adjectives are used to describe the effect of a verb, they come after it as in the statement, "It feels cold outside." Additionally, adverbs, which are words that define anything other than the noun, can be used to modify adjectives, provide additional information and emphasis, so "the hungry dog" becomes "the really hungry dog." Descriptive adjectives do as the name suggests, they describe the noun or pronoun in use, such as the yellow lemon, or the fast car. There are two types of descriptive adjectives: attributive adjectives and predicate adjectives. An attributive adjective usually comes before the noun and can be used with other adjectives to describe the same noun. For example, "A loud crash disturbed the attentive quiet class." Predicate adjectives come after a verb that links the noun and adjective together, and make up part of the predicate portion of a sentence. They offer more information about the subject by following a linking verb, as in "The dishes are clean." Limiting adjectives are used to limit or specify the noun, such as when providing us with quantitative information about the noun. Men Nike Free Run 3 Sequoia Electric Green What woman doesn't enjoy shopping for shoes? With the varying designs and brands being offered in the market, most women enjoy shopping for it even if it would mean ending up having aching feet at the end of their shopping spree from walking through different stores and trying on hundreds of pairs. But because of the advent of the internet, dubbed as the information highway, buying for items like shoes have become easier with just the click of a button. The internet has helped brought different stores and retailers offering their products into the comfort of your very own homes with the creation of online shopping sites. True enough shopping for shoes online has brought about several advantages. Compared to those offered in stores, online shopping sites offer a greater selection and various options for a would be buyer. The limited space inside shopping centers and shoe stores does not enable the shoe seller to display all items available and on stock. On the internet there is no limit to whatever number of items you want to display. It is also okay to purchase shoes online even if you can't fit them because all adult shoes have standard sizes. So your particular shoe size would almost always be the same even if it's with a different brand. If you don't fall into a standard category, you can have made to order shoes and these options are available online since numerous online shopping sites offer such services. Also, we often have a hard time looking for particular brand and designer names in local shopping centers. But by just searching for them through any of the search engines, you will be directed to online retailers offering the branded shoes you so covet. The internet has made shopping for shoes less hectic and with no hassle since we don't have to tire ourselves on hopping from shop to shop searching for that particular brand or style in mind as well as waiting in line to pay for our purchases. But shopping for shoes off the rack still offers its advantages of being able to actually try on the pair, checking it out if it looks good on our feet and assuring ourselves that it is comfortable to walk on. For me nothing still beats that feeling of trying on shoes and seeing for yourself if the shoe really fits. You go home not only a satisfied customer but with a smile on your face knowing that you had made a good bargain.

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