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Teaching is not an Olympic event where judges hold up score cards for performance. We must find new ways of appreciating and understanding what it is that good teachers do, argues Ned Manning. Here we go again. Just when teachers in Victoria thought they had dodged the "performance pay" bullet comes news that the Napthine Government has come up with a plan for principals to rate their teachers on a scale of one to five. This is, of course, going on all around the country as governments fall over themselves in the rush to quantify what is a 'good' and what is a 'bad' teacher. We know the federal government loves the idea of ranking teachers so they can weed out the "under performing teachers". We know that other state governments including NSW and Queensland are on a similar path. Dj vu? Those of us who actually know something about what goes on in schools find ourselves being drawn to the barricades once more. Some sections of the media like to portray teacher disputes as being about teachers trying to avoid being held to account in the way all professionals are. That isn't what it's about at all. It's about understanding and appreciating exactly what teachers do so that a sensible evaluation of who is a 'good' teacher and who is a 'bad' teacher can be made. Therein lies the rub. I might have said before that you can't weigh teacher's results in the same way you weigh tons of iron ore. You can't even look at exam results as an indicator of a teachers worth. How do you compare the results of someone teaching kids in a selective high school with those of teachers working their butts off in disadvantaged schools? A case in point. I have recently had the privilege of working with students at the Bendigo Senior Secondary College. We spent a couple of terms teaching playwriting to kids from a range of backgrounds. More than 50 kids wrote and ultimately performed plays they had written at the Fire Station in Bendigo with a repeat performance at the MTC's Lawler Theatre. Of these kids, 20 were Karen people, refugees from the Thai/Burmese border. About a third of the others could be described as students who were struggling to find the relevance of schooling. They certainly struggled to appreciate the relevance of playwriting until they performed their plays and experienced what is it is like to get a standing ovation. The point of this isn't that the Finding Your Voice program was necessarily out of the box. This type of exercise is taking place in various forms and in various disciplines in schools throughout Australia. What is important here is that it would never have happened without teachers who were prepared to go the extra yard for their students. Teachers who worked tirelessly because they wanted their kids to experience something special. So: how do we rate the teacher who took hours of footage and mentored the schools media unit as its members documented the process? How do you rate the drama teacher who shepherded the Karen kids from being too shy to even enter the rehearsal space to standing, arms raised in triumph, at the Lawler as the audience cheered wildly? Was the principal, who facilitated the whole exercise, meant to sit in the audience with a mark sheet? He couldn't do that because he had an art exhibition to open at the same time. How was he to assess the art teacher? On the quality of the work or by the fact that the exhibition got up at all? And what about the lead teacher who was literally running from class to class trying to keep the whole project afloat? How does anyone assess his amazing commitment? Finally, and crucially, what about the rest of the staff who covered classes, had classes interrupted and had to deal with the inevitable missed deadlines because kids were rehearsing? Who is the arbiter of the al value of this exercise? Every person who was lucky enough to witness these kids telling their stories in their words would have given them 10 out of 10. And the teachers a rating, on this new scale, of five out of five. Teaching isn't an Olympic event like diving or gymnastics where judges hold up score cards for performance. A good percentage of 'good teaching' goes unnoticed and unheralded. Teachers get that. So do their principals. And this is the reason why the bulk of teachers oppose these absurd suggestions from the Victorian government. 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If your skates are too big, or even too stiff, you are leaving a ton power and speed on the ice.2. Don't Bend your knees!?!?Every skating coach says "bend your knees" and we all know that we have to do this. but it hurts. Our saying is "Load your Legs". Then we teach you how to do this based on the proper mechanics of your body and we insist on it. Loading your legs teaches your body and your mind what it is supposed to feel like to get into the 90 degree knee bend we all require in order to increase speed. So STOP bending your knees.! Load your legs!3. Watch and imitate players that are better than you.You can learn so much by watching great skaters, teammates or even pro's on televison. Visualize yourself moving the same way your favourite player moves on the ice and see if you can create the feeling in your own body that you think they have. We are all built differently, so we all skate somewhat differently, however the key is that physics is a science and gravity is a law. Harness the power of both, imitate greatness and you will become faster.4. Stop trying so hard!Many players believe that you have to SKATE HARD, all the time. In Quantum Speed we say , "Work less get MORE!" Proper technique makes your skating stride more efficient, the result is that the power from the muscles you use for skating move you faster. Work smarter not harder!!5. Set goals then find programs that will support you in attaining them.Choose instrution and development coaching based on YOUR needs and personal goals. Do your homework, to be certain the program supports your goals. Be the 'I' in team during your training cycles.When you join a program, participate fully for your own reasons. Sure, it is fun to go with a friend to work out, however, eventually you have to start getting better as an indivdual. Ensure the people you train with are as commited to their training as you are. Be a focused training partner and as a result you both win.7. Decide!!'Decide' to become a better skater, and commit to what ever it takes to do so. Being a great skater is possible for anyone. See and treat yourself as an athlete, stay on a training path, and practice stride and style repetitions correctly.Steffany Hanlen is skating coach extrordinaire. For more than 20 years Steffany has been a full time power skating coach. Steffany is one of the first skating coaches to be hired by an NHL team. Steffany worked with the Edmonton Oilers for 9 years beginning in 1991 and is currently with the St. Louis Blues organization. She has developed her skating program called Quantum Speed(TM) a three week over three month skating program. Steffany trains skating instructors and apprentices in the skills and business of running successful Quantum Speed skating camps. For the past three years she has applied her knowledge to the business of Athletic Performance Coaching, and Champion Training.'how to be a champion in your life.' 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Get 71 Discount Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Black Pink,Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Wolf Grey Sadly, Power Balance is only one company among hundreds that actually got caught throwing shrink wrapped bullshit at the ignorance and insecurity of consumers. No one is willing to believe a product doesn't work until science discredits it, and science is already too busy with cancer and hoverboards. But with any luck, the exposing of those bracelets will act as a harbinger for consumer skepticism throughout 2011, in which case I predict the following five products will fall as well. If you happen to read this article in 2012 and you have no idea what these items are, then I'd like to hereby announce myself as a prophet. Also, congratulations on not dying in that Mayan disaster those guys didn't know what the hell they were talking about. The nascent toning shoe industry is already marketed at about $4.6 billion, and the Shape Ups shoe is responsible for half of it. Yet, as it stands, only one independent study has been conducted to make sure they actually work. The American Council on Exercise ran a field test on Shape Ups as well as the Reebok equivalent, Easy Tone and, surprise, they suck. The ACE released a statement saying, "There is simply no evidence to support the claims that these shoes will help wearers exercise more intensely, burn more calories or improve muscle strength and tone." Still, toning shoes continue to sell because the single ACE objective study is overshadowed by the countless "tests" conducted by the shoe companies themselves and also commercials like this. If you've ever accidentally left an unfinished light beer in the sun for two weeks and then mistaken it for something you wanted to consume, then congratulations, you already know the flavor of Kombucha. It's a fermented tea made of bacterial waste and water that allegedly wards off disease and tastes like opening your mouth under a leaky trash bag after a fraternity party. The people who swear by it insist that it does everything from improving eyesight to fighting cancer. It's sold all over the country in health food stores, but anyone can brew their own in a basement after buying a gelatinous hunk of the yeast. Despite Kombucha's enormous popularity, there hasn't been a single human trial published in any medical journal. So all the claims about its superpowers are personal testimonials, and to be fair, so are all the accounts of its horrific side effects. The American Cancer Society published a statement saying, "No human studies have been published in the available scientific literature that support any of the health claims made for Kombucha tea. There have, however, been reports of serious complications and death." Doctor's linked the tea to the hospitalization of two women with metabolic acidosis, one of whom ended up dying. So the same drink that was meant to fend off deadly diseases like cancer is likely responsible for destroying a few lives as well. Best of all, the American Cancer Society warns consumers that the bacteria can be extremely dangerous to anyone with a compromised immune system, specifically people with cancer. The problem with the technology for television in particular is that it's reliant on the accurate refiguring of objects shot with a normal camera. That's a pretty painstaking process. For anything that has to be refigured into 3D graphics quickly, like a football game, there's going to be some clunky alignment and some inevitable nausea when your eyes can't adjust properly. And of course, those goddamn glasses. Not only are they uncomfortable, but while wearing them, you can do nothing else but watch the screen. For anyone who eats, uses the Internet or persuades a date to allow a hand in her shirt while watching television, these tasks will all be significantly harder while wearing magnifying ski goggles. No one seems to be taking into consideration that this technology has the capacity to ruin high school dating forever. Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Black Pink When figuring out how to better manage and send your AutoCAD and other Windows graphics files, you could probably consider a PDF doc converter. This simple application can do wonders for you and your business. Take a simple look at how your company operates, and you can quickly see for yourself. It can create full page digital documents, viewable by almost any modern computer. As a "universal computer translator," this application can reach any computer containing Adobe Reader. Thus, whether your client has an Apple Macintosh or a Windows PC, they can always see your new designs in current action. If you are currently shopping around for a good PDF converter, you may want to take the next few steps. First of all, look at your current situation and see what files you will need to convert. Then, look to the future and ask yourself, "Will there be any formatting or new software for my company that may also need a converter?" With these two questions answered, you can then look for a PDF doc converter that has the versatility to handle all of these programs. If you need to convert Windows Microsoft Excel files or the incredibly important AutoCAD documents on your computer, it is best to find one program that can do it all. You will save time and money in the long run.

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