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Phillips Van Heusen Corp. (NYSE:PVH) has the buttoned down look all sewn up. The top US dress shirt maker sells clothes, sunglasses, and shoes for men, women, and children under its Van Heusen, Bass, Calvin Klein, and IZOD brands, as well as licensed names DKNY, Geoffrey Beene, Kenneth Cole, and private labels. It distributes its products to department stores and other wholesale clients and sells them through outlet stores, which operate under the firm's brand names. Of all the brands PVH owns, it's Calvin Klein that currently shines. Introduced in 2005, CK men's sportswear collection has been a best seller in department stores, ones like Macy's. That coupled with the Calvin Klein brand should continue to add significantly to the top line for the near future as the designers seem to have the right flair for making the clothes attractive to young and middle aged men. Also, the CK women's sportswear, licensed to Kellwood, is contributing nicely to sales. PVH collects royalties from CK women's clothes, outerwear, denim, and intimates as well as fragrances, handbags, footwear, and accessories. Last Wednesday, PVH announced it has entered into a licensing arrangement with Timberland (NYSE:TBL) to design, source and market men's and women's casual sportswear under the Timberland brand in North America. Phillips Van Heusen will assume management of the men's apparel line in fall 2008 and launch a women's line in fall 2009. Phillips Van Heusen said it sees incurring $5 million of start up costs in 2007, and expects 2007 earnings per share of $2.97 to $3.05, excluding the impact of the acquisition of Superba. Apax groups own 45% and Earnest Partners has about 15% of PVH stock. FMR Corp., the large mutual fund, owns 11.3% of the shares. The stock's price has been on a strong upward move over the last 4 years, starting in 2003 with a low of $11.20. Not coincidentally, earnings have been on the same trajectory, going from 99 cents a share in 2003 to $1.37 in 2004, $2.03 in 2005, $2.60 for 2006, and above is the forecast for 2007. This is a mid cap stock with market cap of $3.0 billion. Earnings should continue to grow by about 16% a year, on average, over the next 5 years, according to analysts. There's a small dividend attached, 60 cents a year. Debt is 31% of capital. Current assets are more than 3 times current liabilities. Return on equity is a very healthy 19.5% for the trailing 12 months. Phillips Van Heusen has several strong brands performing right now with good prospects of more of the same ahead. But fashion can be fickle. That's one of the reasons Timberland became available. That brand has seen profits fall recently, and two officers, the COO and the CFO, have resigned. Timberland had been hot for several years and is now seeing a decline in sales of its once trendy boots. Nike Roshe Run Men Iguana Black ,Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite All Black Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Black New Green Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Purple Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Lime Yellow Nike Roshe Run Men Black Total Orange Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt Nike Roshe Run Men Black White Women Nike Free Run 3.0 Magenta Reflect Silver Pure Platinum Men Nike Free Run 2 Green White Turquoise Whether it's on late night TV or overheard out in the world, there are go to jokes people vomit up as their default attempt at making a witty observation. These jokes have entered the public domain and people use them over and over and over and over and, yet again, over, because that's the only response they know to a particular situation. We've all heard these bland, cliche jokes repeated so often in so many places that we just accept them. They're easy targets. Well, it's about time we retired these lame jokes and shipped them off to a hospice so they can die in peace after years of overuse. Their time is done. 4. Taco Bell Gives People DiarrheaOn the subject of your ass being ripped apart by the geyser of liquid shit rocketing out of you mere moments after sinking your teeth into anything from Taco Bell, I have to call bullshit. There is nothing inherent within Taco Bell's food that will flip your rectum inside out. It's a joke on an incredibly easy target, and there are two reasons it exists: 1) Mexican food can make you gassy because of all the protein, fiber, and spiciness, and 2) the low quality of fast food. If since birth you've eaten nothing but unsalted crackers and chicken broth like you're always 24 hours away from a colonoscopy, then yes, Taco Bell may cause you to explode. Taco Bell doesn't serve engine parts wrapped in shoe leather you should be able to digest something as basic as beans and cheese without being crippled into the fetal position on your bathroom floor as bursts of poop spray out of you. A taco destroyed your body and now your insides are melting. A goddamned taco. If the old "Taco Bell gives me the shits" joke perfectly describes you, you are weak. It's not a healthy meal, but it's not like they're getting their meats and cheeses out of another restaurant's hot dumpster. Their weird, corporatized Tex Mex style cuisine is fine. It's you the joke is on you and your piss poor constitution. Much like Dorothy could always get home from Oz even without her special shoes, you need to recognize that the diarrhea was inside you the whole time. 3. The Wait at the DMV Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images For our international readers, the Department of Motor Vehicles is where we Americans go to take our driving test when we're 16 so we can get our driver's license and then legally drive like an asshole until we die from it. It's famous for being a bit of a nightmare. Lots of bureaucracy, lots of waiting, lots of moving from one line to another. The DMV has been a cornerstone of American humor since the first comedian went to the local DMV and had the same mildly unpleasant experience as everyone else."Two! I've killed two people since I got this thing!" The problem with the comedic referencing of the DMV isn't that it's wildly incorrect the place can and will occasionally suck. The problem is that no one ever goes to the DMV enough for it to make a significant impact on their lives. I went to the DMV when I was 16 to take my driver's test and I've never been back. Every issue with my driver's license that's cropped up has been handled through the Internet since 2002. Unless you're a vehicular sociopath and getting your license revoked and reinstated is somehow a regular occurrence for you, the wait at the DMV should be a minor blip. It's a persistent reference point based on a place most people in America visit, at absolute most, a handful of times throughout their entire lives. And one of those happens to be one of the best days of anyone's life: the day they earn a card that legally allows them to drive a car."Still pretty happy about those two people I killed!" Now, let's get numerical: The national average for DMV wait time is 34.2 minutes. Compare that to the (which will have way less people walking through every day because there are tons of doctor's offices in a city, or even a neighborhood), which is 20.2 minutes. Considering every weirdo and their weirdo friend who lives within 10 miles of your local DMV is at your DMV the same day as you, 34.2 minutes isn't bad. Nike Roshe Run Men Iguana Black,Tutorial 1: Introduction to SocSciBot, SocSciBot Tools and CyclistThis tutorial introduction goes through the full stages of a very small SocSciBot project, from the initial crawling to analyzing the link data. Going through this project is the easiest way of learning what SocSciBot can do. When prompted by your computer, choose a place to save the programs to where you have plenty of storage space to save data. the C: drive. If given the choice please save them to the same folder (especially Windows Vista). This will create several new files, including the programs SocSciBot, SocSciBot Tools, and Cyclist. Step 2: Installing Pajek If you want to produce network diagrams with SocSciBot data then you are recommended to install Pajek. You need to do this before starting SocSciBot for the first time, because SocSciBot looks for Pajek when it is first started, and will not find Pajek if Pajek is installed after SocSciBot is first run. This should produce a dialog box similar to the one below. Note this only happens the first time you start SocSciBot. Confirm that the folder chosen by SocSciBot to store your data is acceptable by clicking OK. Also enter your correct email address, if a box is provided for this. It will be used to email the webmasters of any sites that you crawl. This is both ethical practice and may save you from getting into trouble if a webmaster is unhappy with you crawling their site they can email you directly instead of emailing your boss or network manager. You can also enter a message to be included in the email to give the purpose of the crawl. You may wish to include the URL of a page with additional information about your project. Also, answer any questions about the location of Microsoft Excel and Pajek. Enter small test as the name of the project at the bottom of the next dialog box, Wizard Step 1, and then click on the start new project button. All crawls are grouped together into projects. This allows you to have different named groups of crawls which are analysed separately. Click Yes to shut down SocSciBot when the crawl is complete. Before doing some interesting simple analyses, the next stages will crawl two more sites. This should take you straight through to Wizard step 1. Click on small test to select this project to add another crawl to. Click Yes to end the crawl. This should take you straight through to Wizard step 1. Click on small test to select this project to analyse. Note: SocSciBot Tools needs to be in the same folder as SocSciBot to work best. If it does not show SocSciBot data then it may be in a different folder. See the Windows Vista fix for solutions to this. After a few seconds, the reports will have been calculated and you can view them using the drop down menu in the middle of the screen. Click on All external links (at the top of the list). More information will be displayed about it on the right of the screen. Then click on View report to see a list of URLs targeting pages outside of each site (site outlinks). Try the same with all of the reports and try to work out what they contain. Notice that full URLs are not normally given, initial http:// and www are chopped off to save space. If you have Excel on your computer, you will sometimes get extra buttons that will allow you to view the reports in Excel. These reports should contain the link information needed for most link analysis investigations. A key report is ADM count summary so click on this one and then click on the View in Excel button if you have it, (otherwise click on the view report button). This shows the count of links to each site from all the other sites in the project, and the count of links from this site to the other sites in the project. These numbers are reported for each of four ADMs. standard link counting) which is the Page inlinks (f to in the old version of the program) column and the Page outlinks (f from in the old version of the program) column. Step 6: Viewing a network diagram with Pajek If you have installed Pajek on your system, you can view network diagrams that it has created. Use the drop down box in the middle of the screen to select the option Pajek matrix for the whole project (with current options). If you are asked if you want to calculate the file, click Yes. Step 7: Viewing site diagrams with Pajek If you would like to see a diagram of each individual site, rather than the inter site connections, this is also possible. If you select Pajek matrices for each individual site (with current options) from the drop down menu, you will not quite get this, because the default for SocSciBot Tools is to ignore all internal site links. What diagrams do you get, can you tell? You need to tell SocSciBot Tools that you want the internal site links and not any other type of link if you would like a diagram of the internal structure of a web site. To do this in SocSciBot Tools, select Options and Subproject and ADM selection wizard from the File menu, and select just the site self links options.

Sale Cheap Nike Roshe Run Men Iguana Black,Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Dark Grey Cool Grey Volt I worked out my months correctly and was meant to have a period this week then skip my next one as this will be when I am travelling so if I skip this 1 and have my next period when it is going to be it will ruin parts of my travel plans and so I'm wondering if it is safe to have my pill free week this week if me and my partner don't have sex/ use extra protection during my pill free week and 7 days into my next pack of pills. I need an answer asap as it's Friday morning here and should be taking my pill now if I can't have my pill free week, thanks. 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Nike Roshe Run Men Iguana Black KANSAS CITY, Mo. Billy Butler and the surging Kansas City Royals wrecked things for the Cleveland Indians for the second straight night. Butler homered for the second consecutive game and the Royals overcame a five run deficit to beat the Indians 7 5 on Saturday night for their fifth straight win. A day after his pinch hit, two run homer in the eighth inning beat Cleveland, Butler connected for a tiebreaking shot in the fifth inning. It was 5 5 when he tagged Nick Hagadone for a 433 foot drive over the Royals bullpen in left field, 11 feet further than Friday's shot. "I've never been a guy that's usually gotten distance," Butler said. "I caught the last two pretty good. Maybe I'm starting to figure it out and starting to put the barrel on it. "I got a good pitch and got a good result. I'm just going to keep building off that." The pitch was a mistake by Hagadone. "It was supposed to be down and away," Hagadone said. "It was an 0 1 fastball that was down and in the middle. He hit it pretty good. He put a good swing on it. Once he hit it I knew it was gone." Carlos Santana hit his third homer in two games for Cleveland, which has lost six of seven. Jeremy Guthrie (6 9) won despite giving up five runs, 10 hits and two walks in 5 2 3 innings. "I didn't feel as bad as the results were in the second inning," Guthrie said. "I just couldn't make a big pitch to get anybody out. They started banging around a little when I got a little tired. I really just felt frustrated. I understood the bullpen needed a rest today. "I wasn't certainly going to accomplish that goal as much as I wanted to after the second inning. At that point, I wanted to get as many quick outs as possible." Greg Holland, the fourth Kansas City reliever, got his 27th save in 29 chances. Zach McAllister (3 6) couldn't hold a 5 0 lead. He gave up a single to Salvador Perez to start the fifth and was replaced by Hagadone. Guthrie had lost his previous three starts. He has an 8.44 ERA in three starts this season against the Indians. The Indians scored five times in the second. Santana led off with a home run, and Jason Kipnis broke an 0 for 11 rut with a two run double. "Jeremy had a hard time stopping the bleeding in the second," Royals manager Ned Yost said. "But he doesn't let much bother him. He's very calm and very composed." Santana is 12 for 25 with six RBIs in his last six games. "Right now I see the ball very well," Santana said. "I feel comfortable. I'm not thinking too much. I'm enjoying my time and enjoying my game." McAllister, just brought up from Triple A Columbus after going 5 0 with a 2.23 ERA, faced 22 batters and 10 reached base. After starting the season 3 0, he is 0 6 in nine starts. "When they scored those runs I just kind of fell behind," McAllister said. "I wasn't able to mix when I needed to, and they were able to put the ball in play." Omar Infante had an RBI grounder in the third, and the Royals tied it with four more in fourth. Nori Aoki hit a two run triple with two outs and scored on a passed ball to tie it. NOTES: 3B Lonnie Chisenhall was scratched from the Indians lineup because of an illness. . Indians SS Asdrubal Cabrera hasn't played since Monday because of back spasms. . Aoki batted first for the Royals after hitting in the bottom third of the order for seven games since being activated July 11 from the disabled list. He opened the season batting leadoff. . The Indians optioned RHP Josh Tomlin, who was 5 7 with a 4.47 ERA, to Triple A Columbus. . Royals LHP Bruce Chen will make his seventh start Sunday and his third since coming off the disabled list on June 24.

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