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Flamenco, a genre due to the Andalusian region of Spain, emerged as the result of interaction between Arabic, Andalusian, Sephardic and Gypsy peoples in the nineteenth century. Flamenco refers to both a musical and dancing genre, where guitar players perform complicated songs while dancers use their shoes to add to the rhythm of the music. Flamenco emerged from a complicated cross section of musical and cultural norms in the area. The dance was originally performed only by the gypsies in their communities, but musical members of the surrounding areas eventually joined in, adding their own flavor. In the eighteenth century, flamenco music was altered by the changing of instruments. Though flamenco was originally played on a classical five string guitar, flamenco enthusiasts adopted the six string guitar, which is now one of the most characteristic aspects of the genre. The added string allowed further diversification among players and styles. Traditional flamenco guitars are built smaller than their traditional counterparts, and many are made from Spanish spruce of cypress. This provides for a sharper sound while playing. About a century after the addition of the sixth string to the guitar, flamenco music reached what is known as "the golden age." Cafes cantantes became popular between 1870 and 1910, allowing flamenco artists to hold ticketed concerts. This also paved the way for the popularization of flamenco dancing who performed at these concerts. Flamenco musicians from this era, like El Loco Mateo and Silverio Franconetti, became popular and their music is still played today. The Etapa Teatreal, or the Theatrical Period, followed the Golden Age of Flamenco. Flamenco music become commercial and was considered decadent. Flamenco music was broadcasted to the people through large venues, but traditional players believed this damaged the players' integrity. The flamenco is an incredibly emotional dance. There are few choreographed dances, as the performers are meant to feel the rhythm, in a manner similar to jazz. Dancers add to the rhythm created by the musicians by using their feet as instruments. Flamenco musicians also improvise while playing, rather than pay attention to the beat of the rhythm. In today's version of the flamenco, artists are heavily influenced by other cultures. Many flamenco songs are derived from Arabic music from Yemen. Modern forms of the flamenco borrow greatly from Latin American and Cuban musical forms. This is called the rumba, and cajons are often played during performances of the genre. A cajon is a percussive instrument used to mark the beat. This hand drum acts as a stool for the player, who sits on top while slapping the frontplate of the cajon. The drum is equipped with guitar strings or snare strings that rest against the frontplate, giving the acoustic drum a range of sounds. Hand drummers at any level can get personal assistance finding the right gear plus tons of free instructional material. Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey Pink White ,Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Red Women Nike Free Run 2 Black White Purple Anthracite Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Iguana Reflect Silver Cargo Khaki Quilted Men Nike Free 4.0 Game Royal Blue Electric Green Pure Platinum Women Nike Free Run 2 Pink White Orange Red Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Teal Blue Women Nike Free Run 2 Black White Purple Anthracite Nike Roshe Run PRM Women Red White Sail Quilted Men Nike Free Run 3 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Volt My heart broke when I read Moosh in Indy recent post about traveling with her little one. For those of us who have flown in a plane with kids can relate to how frustrating and difficult it can be, no matter how prepared you might think you are. As a pilot wife, my four kids and I fly quite often. In fact, I flew alone with all four of them a few weeks ago. And while I can happily say I don want to do that again any time soon, I do have a few tricks for flying with kids up my sleeve, other than the obvious iPad and Nintendo DS, that might help you make it through your next trip. I actually a huge fan of flying with babies because they super portable. It when they hit the moving around stage through when they can be happily entertained with technology that I find to be the hardest. If you really concerned about your kids behavior, I think it smart to do your best to match the flight time to when your child is generally less active, especially if your kids are like mine and don just fall asleep when the engines start (seriously, who are those kids?). The super early morning flights are key for us because there a good chance that my youngest (the most difficult) will fall asleep again. I have no desire to be on a plane, especially for a long period of time, during the mid morning hours when they used to playing. And I have been known to use a little bit of Zarbee Nighttime cough medication (with Melatonin) to help. Pack snacks, treats, and drinks. Then pack more. Nothing seems to occupy my kids better than food, and given the limitations of what you can get on a plane ($4 Pringles, anyone?), I try to pack as much as I can. This is when I splurge for the small individually packed items that I don usually buy because it easy to distribute amongst the kids. And while some airlines do sell healthy snack boxes, I like to bring my own, like the new GoPicnic lunch boxes that I picked up at my local Super Target. I also make sure to pack treats, particularly for when we boarding, taxiing, and landing, the three times that I find my kids to be the rammiest. I love the Yummy Earth jelly beans and gummies because they not as guilt inducing as the other stuff. Also, bubble gum is a big deal for my kids, so I always have some with me as a last resort. Plus it helps with the ears on the way down. And I always make sure to pack empty sippy cups (though you can pack full bottles for your baby) so that I can fill their cups on the plane with juice, water, or milk. We pop Mabel Labels on them and end up using them for our entire trip. Trust me, I learned my lesson after having way too many spills with the plastic airplane cups. They make better toys than drinking vessels. 3. Get creative with your idea of My youngest (almost 2) could care less about actual toys because she not yet at the stage where she actually plays with things. So I pack fun things that will keep her busy. She loves things like masking tape, which I rip and let her stick all over are seating area (and then clean up when she done), and baby wipes or my pack antibacterial wipes, that she uses to clean our seat, table, even the window. And I love the idea of packing some tin foil that kids can use to make animals and shapes without having to worry about massive clean up. Coloring and drawing are always a favorite activity, but they can involve lots of paper and crayons, so we bring along something like The Boogie Board writing tablet that won require you reaching down every few seconds to pick up crayons off the floor. 4. Not all books are created equal Because I handling kids with a wide age range, I can just plop them in my lap and read a book. So I like to bring books that require a bit of activity and/or competition (for my older ones). The Where Waldo type books (love One Million Giraffes) are always a big hit, and I even give out prizes for who can find the character first. I even done magazine scavenger hunts with the catalogs in your seat pocket. Put together a list of 10 things they need to find (a dog, a cat, a kid, etc.) and when they hit 10, they get a prize. You can even do this with Richard Scarry books as well. For littler ones, get books like Goodnight Moon or even The Pioneer Woman Charlie the Ranch Dog because they have the same character (mouse and chipmunk, respectively) on each page. Then you can give them the book and let them it. 5. Who cares what other people think? Remember that there a good chance you won see these people again. As hard as it is, at least for me, anyway, try not to care if they think your kid is a terrible flier or you somehow an awful parent. You doing your best to make the experience pleasant for everyone and in my opinion, that all that matters. So pop this hilarious shirt on your kids and enjoy your trip! So what are your tips for flying with kids? Share them in the comments! This is excellent! So awesome. I am SO grateful that there is a mom out there who isn totally averse to, dare I say, their kid to get them through a trip, and grateful there a safe way. I never have, but I wouldn be against it either, especially if they having one of those have to nap and it my naptime and you can tell I EXHAUSTED but I not going to nap now moments. Never bookmarked so many links on a single post before I just CANNOT feel bad for people around children on planes. I just can The parents are not having a great time, either. People traveling with their children are not usually coming from or going to wonderful tropical vacations. They either moving or going to see family that they a) haven seen for a while, b) for a holiday, or c) are dying/have died. It very nice of some to pass around gift cards or treats to fellow passengers, but I not going to dig into my shallow pocket to placate adults who can deal with some unpleasant realities of flying. But then again, I REFUSE to fly with my kids! lol I did once, when I was 5 months pregnant with my son and when my daughter was 10 months old. It wasn bad, but now she 2 and I sure she would make everyone head explode. Christine M non liquid food can be brought through. With 2 littles a diabetic husband, we always have food with us. Good list. I agree, the period b/w infant preschool/K age is tough. I have found that our dvd player entertained our son from the time he was 1 we could have used a back up battery though. The kid head phones were a joke though, so I was worried it wasn going to work turned out just seeing the cartoon was enough. I also think one big problem is now most airlines don have families board first. In my opinion, not only was it easier for families to board first from a getting seated and situated point of view, but then all the singles/business/kid dislikers could sit far away. Now, these people get on and comfortable and then on we come and happen to choose the seat next to/across from/in front of them and they are annoyed at us. Sorry buddy, I paid for seats too, and don want to sit next to a baby hatter anymore than you want to sit by the baby. Luckily, so far my kids fly well. I do have to say something about the GoPicnic boxes though. They aren new, they been around for years and they a complete waste of money. They have gluten free boxes so I considered them in the past but after looking at what was in them I passed. Seriously just buy a bento box or a tupperware and fill with crackers, cheese, dried fruit, edamame, and deli meat. It the same thing and a billions times cheaper. Plus you have a box ready to go for the return trip where as the GoPicnic boxes are a one way solution. THANK YOU! I recently flew from S. korea to MD with my 4 1yo my 4yo other than an accident and 1 short bout of tears did wonderful my 1YO however was a nightmare. I spent much of the 13hr flight standing by the bathrooms holding a crying baby because she was so tired but couldn sleep (shes an extremely light sleeper and every time somoone would walk past she woke up) I actually had someone come and question my reason for flying with her as if it was any of his concern but anyway he was very peeved at the idea that I might be doing it for pleasure and seemed even more upset to hear that we were on our way home as my husband had finished his two year tour overses. Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey Pink White,Rubies are beautiful, red gems that rank as one of the most precious gemstones in the market. They are bright red in color and very sparkly. Rubies are very expensive. Buying rubies is a tricky task, since there are a lot of conmen and scammers that sell fake rubies everywhere. It is very easy to dye any sparkly stone and sell it as a ruby. You will need to have a good eye to buy rubies that are worth the money. Here are a few characteristics that real rubies have that you should watch out for if you are looking for genuine ones: The right shade of red. Genuine, expensive rubies are very bright red in color. There are rubies that come in lighter or darker shades of red. They can be either dark red like wine or fresh roses or light and bright pink like petunias. Rubies that are wine red or bright pink cost less than bright blood red ones. Fresh blood red or "pigeon blood red" is the ideal color for rubies. Pigeon blood red rubies have the highest value in the market. Remarkable cut. It is very rare to find rubies with very fine cuts. Well cut rubies have angles that allow them to bounce light back to your line of vision. Rubies with almost perfect cuts will not allow you to see too well through the gems. Poorly cut rubies, called "fish eye" rubies, are transparent and does not have the sparkle that finely cut rubies have. Fine rubies are not wide. The ruby's cut preferably makes it tall. Wide rubies are not well cut rubies. If the rubies are more wide than they are tall, they are of bad quality and do not cost as much. This might mean that the rubies are small because of how well cut they are, however, and will affect the price of the rubies. The best rubies are clear. When looking at fine quality rubies, it is a lot like you can see inside them. The clarity of the rubies greatly affects their value. You might be able to tell that they are very clear if you can see the inside of the rubies acting like mirrors that bounce light back to you. Rubies of good quality do not have wispy white lines streaming across them. The white streaks or lines found in rubies of lesser quality are minerals that got mixed into the gems, called rutiles. Expensive rubies are heavy. Carat is the unit of measurement used for gemstones. The number of carats a gemstone has signifies how heavy it is. Rubies with higher carats will cost a great deal more than rubies with lesser carats. For instance, 5 carat rubies might cost as much as $30,000 depending on its cut. While rubies that only weigh 1 carat will cost more or less $1,000. There are only a few places in the world where you can get exquisite quality rubies. The rarity of these gems, their quality and appearance contribute to their high price. They are very beautiful and add glamour to anyone wearing them. The tips above should help you gauge the quality of the rubies you are buying.

Low Price Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey Pink White,Men Nike Free Run 5.0+ Black Blue Volt Now, I'm going to show you how to put our wheels onto the wagon. So, we're going to take our wheels, which is the pile of disks that we've made. And, before we put them on, we're going to put some glue onto the stick, where they're going to be sitting. And, this is where we're going to slide the disks on, by way of the bead, that we put in the middle of the disks. So, we give it a nice coating of glue around the stick, and then we take the wheel, and gently, just slide it over the stick, and the glue that was coated on the stick, will now be on the inside of the beads, and the wheel should sit securely onto the stick. Now, it's important to note that when the wheels turn around, the wheels themselves are going to be turning together, with the stick, like a real axle. So, the stick is actually going to be rotating, along with the wheels. So, it's not a problem, that the beads are going to be glued onto the stick. Because the whole stick itself, is what's going to be moving. Because it's the entire stick, that's actually moving, and not the wheels spinning around on the stick, that is the reason why, that when we made our holes in the box, that it was very important, that there's enough room for the stick, to rotate around. Now, you don't want it to be too big of a hole, because then the stick will kind of wobble inside, inside the hole, and the wheels themselves will be wobbly. But, you want the hole just to be big enough that it stick, sits securely inside, and also, has enough room to spin, as the wagon is pulled across. Once the wheels are fastened and the big bead has been put over the wooden stick, we're going to take a smaller bead, and put it over the tip of the wood, that is still hanging out. And, that will give the bead more security, of staying onto the wooden stick, with, without having it slide off. So, we put the small bead over the bigger bead. We've used a wider shoe box, than the standard. So, you might, for the shoe box that you're using, you might have some, a bigger piece of wood, hanging out from the side of the box. So, if you do, you can always just take a scissor, or some type of sharp knife, and just cut the end of the wooden stick, that's hanging over, after you've attached the small bead. So, now I've shown you how to attach the wheels to the wagon, by putting the bead over the wooden stick, and securing it with a smaller bead. Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey Pink White (Joshua Gunter, The Plain Dealer) Check out the game photo gallery Canton They are nick named the Hornets. But a better moniker for Kirtland's tenacious football team would be the Little Giants. They may play in Ohio's second smallest division, but these Hornets have come up big all season. Operating like a well oiled machine, Kirtland took apart previously undefeated Bucyrus Wynford, 42 0, in a Division V semifinal on Friday night at Canton Central Catholic's Klinefelter Field. When they weren't denying the Royals (13 1) on defense, they were pounding the ball on the ground, with the occasional pass to keep things interesting. Wynford has to be wondering what kind of buzz saw it ran into. "We stuck to what got us here," said Kirtland coach Tiger LaVerde, whose club piled up 365 yards of offense. "We put in a game plan and the kids executed it." To near perfection, the coach might add. Both clubs were making their first trip to the semifinals, but there was never any doubt which team would make the championship game. The Hornets were on the scoreboard in less than three minutes as they moved 72 yards in seven plays. They made their opening statement on the ground, with senior Christian Hauber carrying three times for 31 yards and junior Damon Washington taking the other four carries for 41. Washington swept left end for the touchdown from 10 yards out with 8:58 left in the quarter. "I'm a little surprised because you don't expect a shutout in a state semifinal," said Washington, who also played cornerback. "After the first play we knew we could pound it. That's what we do." After reaching the Wynford 25 on its next series, Kirtland made one of its few mistakes as Hauber lost a fumble. But three plays later, senior Zach Santo picked off a Zach Chatlain pass and returned it 39 yards to the Royals' 6. Junior quarterback Zach Eilerman capped the short drive with a 1 yard plunge with a minute left in the first quarter. Santo made his presence felt on offense as he hooked up with Eilerman on a short pass and turned on the jets to outrun the Wynford defense to the right corner of the end zone for a 21 0 lead midway through the second quarter. "I was running an out route and I just did my best to get in," said Santo, who caught three first half passes for 73 yards.

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