Cheap Women Nike Free Run 4.0 Night Blue Volt Pure Platinum White Here Would Be Your Best Choice. Women Nike Free Run 3 Tiffany Blue Buy Authentic Cheap Women Nike Free Run 4.0 Night Blue Volt Pure Platinum White Fast Delivery To Your Door The crew restoring a monster steam engine that once sat in in Albuquerque park got a little help from Amtrak today staging for National Train Day. Early Saturday morning an Amtrak engine moved the steam engine fuel tender to the Alavardo Transportation Center where it joined other equipment for the day events. The annual national event celebrates modern and historic railroads on or near May 10, the anniversary of driving the golden spike that completed the first transcontinental railroad in 1869. Amtrak, Rail Runner Express, BNSF Railway and model railroad clubs will have equipment on display, and there will be food and entertainment. The free event is sponsored by the Rio Metro Regional Transit District and Amtrak. Steam engine 2926 is being restored by the New Mexico Steam Locomotive and Railroad Historical Society..

Do you keep putting off your visit to Israel, as if it's a trip you can make only once in a lifetime? Are you intending to go someday when your kids are grown, or your life is in better order, or maybe after you've won the lottery? I'm here to tell you: Stop putting off your first trip. Go this year! Here's how to plan it. Decide when to go. By far the nicest times of year to visit Israel are the spring and the fall, when the weather is temperate. If you are not constrained by school schedules, seriously consider planning your trip for September November or April June. With a coastal plain, a mountain region in the north, and the Jordan Valley Rift, Israel has a varied landscape and climate but in general, summers are very hot. Winter (November through March) brings cooler weather and rain, and sometimes even light snow in the northern parts of the country. In the Negev desert and the southernmost parts of the country, rainfall is negligible, even in the winter. Airfares from North America vary dramatically by season, with tickets far cheaper in the winter. From the east coast, round trip fares in the summer and around the Passover holiday are as much as $1,000 or more, whereas in January and February, with careful shopping and by purchase of a ticket on a European airline with a connecting flight, it is usually possible to cut the cost of your ticket by up to half. (But to get these lower fares, you must purchase your ticket in the winter.) If you'd like to celebrate a holiday in Israel, you can verify the dates of upcoming holidays on the Israel Ministry of Tourism website. Israeli businesses and schools follow the Julian calendar, but because Jewish religious holidays follow a lunar calendar, the timing of these holidays varies slightly from year to year. Make your travel arrangements. By air. The Israeli airline El Al operates direct flights to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport from all over the world, including nonstop flights from New York, Miami Los Angeles, and Toronto. El Al is legendary for its standard setting security protocols. Several American carriers also offer nonstop flights to Tel Aviv, and many European airlines offer connecting flights. Once in Israel, options for transportation to and from the airport include buses (Egged is the national bus company); private car/van services; railway; taxi; rented car; and limousine. A variety of ticket consolidators offer steeply discounted airfares to Israel (and to other destinations as well). Consolidators buy airline tickets (primarily international tickets) directly from the airlines and resell them to travelers at up to 70% below the lowest published fare. These tickets are completely nonrefundable, have many restrictions, and are usually not eligible for earning frequent flyer miles. To find consolidators, look in the Sunday travel section of the Chicago Tribune, the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle, the New York Times, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Miami Herald and the Los Angeles Times. Many local libraries have these Sunday papers. In some cases, the airfare to Israel will be part of an all inclusive tour package. If you wish, you can usually ask that the airfare not be included, if for instance you wish to use frequent flyer miles for your tickets. (If you're a nervous flyer, make sure to overcome your fear of flying before you go. It's a long flight to Israel.) By sea. Several shipping lines, cruise lines and ferry services offer scheduled sailings from Europe to Israel's port of Haifa in the north, Ashdod on the central part of the coast, and Eilat on the Red Sea. All three ports have modern terminals and offer daily shore excursions. By land. Land entry into Israel is possible through Egypt and Jordan. Make sure you have a valid passport. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the date you arrive in Israel. American and Canadian citizens do not need a visa to visit Israel for periods of up to three months. Anyone planning to attend school in Israel will need a Student Visa. For more information and to check the requirements for other nationalities, contact the Embassy of Israel or an Israeli Consulate. Read up on the country's history and culture. Take some time to learn more about Israel before you go. Check your local library and bookstore, or browse the selection of books available online. You might want to consider at least one or two of the following, most of which are available in paperback: Eyewitness Travel Guide to Jerusalem Holy Land, edited by Kate Poole Israel: A Spiritual Travel Guide: A Companion For The Modern Jewish Pilgrim, by Lawrence A. Hoffman Bar Mitzvah in Israel: The Ultimate Family Sourcebook, by Judith Isaacson and Deborah Rosenbloom How to Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus and the Prophets: A Scripture Reference Guide for Biblical Sites in Israel and Jordan, by Hela Crown Tamir In the Land of Israel (Harvest in Translation), by Amos Oz The Israel Arab Reader: A Documentary History of the Middle East Conflict: Sixth Revised and Updated Edition, edited by Walter Laqueur and Barry Rubin Personal Witness: Israel through My Eyes, by Abba Eban Decide what you want to see and do. Don't put only the biblical landmarks and holy sites on your list! Israel offers a wealth of art and music festivals, museums, theatrical, dance, and music performances, fine restaurants, and shops and markets with local arts and crafts. Water lovers can choose from sandy beaches, rocky coves, freshwater lakes, and world class diving and snorkeling opportunities. The country's many nature preserves offer hiking trails to charming meadows and shady streams as well as desert canyons and cliffs. Dozens of websites, books, travel agencies, and tour companies offer suggested itineraries for touring in the Holy Land. As a starting point, you might take a look at the Israeli Ministry of Tourism website, which offers 4 , 7 and 10 day suggested itineraries with Jewish themes, Christian themes, and special itinerary suggestions for families with children. For free printed brochures, start by contacting the Israel Government Tourist Office (212 499 5650 or toll free at 1 888 77 ISRAEL). You can also order their tourist information kit online. Detailed information about accommodations, tourist sites, cultural activities, restaurants, and other venues that are accessible to people with disabilities can be found on the website of Access Israel. Decide whether to tour on your own or with a group. Whether to tour with a group or on your own depends on your personal preferences and style. If you can't decide, a good option is to spend part of your trip taking organized tours, and part exploring on your own. Organized tours. Tours provide the advantage of having a knowledgeable guide to point out highlights and answer questions. On the Israel Ministry of Tourism website, you can type in your zip code for a list of Israel travel specialists near you. You can also arrange (either before leaving home or after you arrive in Israel) for tours that last just a few days or even just a few hours. For examples, check out the Egged Bus Company website. On your own. Israel is a small country, and it is easy to get from one place to another. Public transportation is convenient and reasonably priced. Buses are the most popular form of public transport for both local and intercity trips. Egged operates most of the intercity bus lines, as well as the local service in most of the large cities and towns. Travelers from abroad can purchase Israbus tickets which are valid on all Egged bus lines for periods of 7, 14, 21, or 30 days. These tickets are available at all branches of Egged Tours. In addition, Israel Railways operates convenient, inexpensive train service. Private taxis are available for local and inter city trips, but a shared service taxi (known as a Sheroot) is a less expensive and more popular option. The shared taxis travel on permanent routes coinciding with the bus routes, but the drivers will also make request stops along the way. Departure times are not prescheduled; the taxi leaves the station when it is full. Most of the bus and train lines do not run on the Sabbath or on Jewish holidays. Service ends on Friday afternoon and resumes Saturday evening. Some central taxis lines do operate on the Sabbath. Most international car rental companies and local companies have offices in the large cities and at Ben Gurion Airport. To rent a car, the driver must be over 21 years of age, and must hold a valid international driver's license and an international credit card. Choose your accommodations. Accommodations for visitors to Israel vary from elegant urban hotels, to bed near nature and hiking trails, to Bedouin tents in the desert! Choose from among familiar hotel brands, first class or tourist class European style hotels, luxurious boutique hotels and spa hotels, kibbutz hotels set in beautiful scenery, as well as thousands of guestrooms (usually called tsimmers, after the German word for "room") where the hosts serve delicious meals in quiet, pastoral settings. Rural lodging can put you near many historical sites and attractions, while at the same time giving you a chance to learn about local communities and lifestyles. Some offer agricultural activities, such as harvesting fruit in season, horseback riding, visits to fruit and vegetable packing plants and olive oil or wine presses. Christian pilgrims may wish to consider the hostels and monasteries that offer lodgings near Christian holy sites. Campsites are also available across the country. If you're going to be staying in Israel for a few weeks or more, consider renting an apartment for your holiday. Decide what to bring along. Israel is a modern country and virtually any personal item can be purchased there if necessary. Women Nike Free Run 4.0 Night Blue Volt Pure Platinum White ,Nike Roshe Run Men Black Red Nike Free Run 3 Anthracite Gray Reflect Silver New Green Women Women Nike Free Run 3.0 Magenta Reflect Silver Pure Platinum Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Black Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Total Orange Neon Reflective Silver Wolf Grey Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite All Black Nike Roshe Run Men Black Total Orange Women Nike Free Run 3 Soar Blue Rflct Silver Pro Platinum Volt If you would like to experience a journey which will be hard to believe, then sit back, kick off your shoes and enjoy. First off, my life has been blessed to have traveled the globe to meet so many incredible people. I am currently 52 years of age but seems as though I've lived 3 or 4 lifetimes of experience. I could brag for days about those experiences but I have learned that people are weary to accept my stories as fact so, I don't speak much about them any more. Please feel free to whisper to yourself. "bull." because even when I returned from Turkey after this experience and told my friends about it, it remained an unbelieveable experience to swallow! My two closest friends at the time believed me but other than that, it was like it didn't really happen! This venue has allowed me the opportunity to share this true but unbelieveable story. I was a small town Texas boy who found himself working for Disney in The Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show at DisneyLand Paris back in the mid nineties and my 12 years based in France was something I will never forget! Feel free to Google The Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show to get an idea of where I was based at this time. This particular experience is my favorite and I had a few sooo. I hope you enjoy it! When the three of us arrived in Istanbul, Turkey from Paris, the cab driver drove us right up to the dock where this incredible yacht was docked on the Bosporus. This is where my story begins. When we walked on board this large boat, I couldn't believe it! This boat was first class every which way you looked at it! The rooms were small but elegant and the bar and reception area were like they were out of a Home and Garden's magazine. The boat was sweet, no doubt. Me, Bettina and Eric and the ten other guests where all standing out on the patio deck of the yacht when someone yelled, "She's here! She's here!" Bettina, my older female friend who invited my friend Eric and I on this journey pointed out to me that a gunboat was off our starboard side. I'm like. a gunboat? What was a gunboat doing so close to our boat? Wow! I asked Bettina to tell me who needs a gunboat when they traveled? I knew Bettina was pretty well known in Parisian society but did she warrant a gunboat when she traveled abroad? She looked at me smiling like a five year old who was keeping a secret from me and my friend. Bettina was a Parisian socialite whom I met months before at a social event in Paris. We became good friends and she had no problem using her influence with those she fancied. Bettina was the first high fashion super model of the fifties. She was Givanche's favorite model at that time so, she grew to know quite a few well known people over her years. It had been a month before back in Paris that Bettina asked Eric and I if we wanted to go to Istanbul, Turkey on a one week excursion with a very special guest. She told us that she wouldn't divulge who that special guest was until we arrived in Turkey. Well, Eric and I didn't care who the guest was because we were just excited about going to Turkey and staying free on a yacht owned by the third richest man in Turkey! Once again, we had informed Bettina that we didn't feel comfortable about going on one of her adventures with her unless we were allowed to pay our way. This was an ongoing sticking point with Bettina when she would invite us to travel with her. Our time in friendship with Bettina was probably the only time she had ever traveled in "coach" on an airplane. She agreed to our request once again and told us that room and board was already taken care of because we were guests of this third richest man in Turkey. We would only have to pay for our airline tickets which we did. Eric and I didn't feel comfortable with an older woman paying our way to anything because we didn't want to be seen as gigolos even though we were perceived as such by many in Paris! At least we knew in our hearts that we weren't. On some of these excursions, we would have to save up our money to just pay for our airline tickets when we traveled with Bettina. Standing on the back end of this yacht, Bettina finally shared with us who was to be our guest of honor on our one week journey around the Marmara Islands. A black limo pulled up to the back of this incredible yacht docked on the shore of the Bosporus with all the present guests standing at the boat's railing. When a little old lady made her way out of the limo, Bettina looked at me and said, "Princess Margaret". I'm like. excuse me? She said it again, "Princess Margaret, the special guest?" It all fell into line as we watched this royal family member exit the limo and make her way to the boat. Bettina leans over to me and says, "You must bow in her presence." I'm thinking. "No way! I don't bow to anyone, I'm from Texas!" The Princess stepped onto the yacht and the dozen or so people greet her and bow. After everyone was introduced, I stepped forward and made my own introduction, "Good day, ma'am, my name is Robin Brown and I'm from Texas and they don't teach us how to bow there so I hope this will do". I removed my Stetson cowboy hat which I always wore and bowed my head." The Princess was touched and told me that she would teach me how to bow, later. I'm reacting inside. what does that mean? Them there are fightin' words in Texas! Ain't nobody gonna teach nobody how to bow for nobody here! It all seemed too strange at the time. This was when we heard for the tenth time, "no cameras around Princess Margaret!" My first impression of this Princess was a very striking one to say the least. Margaret went to her suite and the rest of us mulled around in silence like we had all just met royalty! We had and we were just all attempting to comprehend it all! I wasn't alone here, even Bettina was slightly taken back a bit and that's rare for Betinna since she had pretty much met every famous person alive! We were all looking around like we were searching for that cat that had all our tongues! Dinnertime was nearing and everyone went to change into their dinner clothes. I was already wearing mine so, I just retreated to my room to lay down and relax a bit. Thirty minutes later, I made my way downstairs to the dining room. Everyone was already seated and I was searching for an empty seat. There weren't any empty seats available except for the seat right next to Princess Margaret and I sure wasn't going to take that one! Margaret turns, sees me and announces that I was to sit to her right. Ohhh. kay! I'm having dinner with Princess Margaret! Wow! I'm not only having dinner with her, I'm sitting right next to her! Wow! Did I tell you that I had dinner with the Queen's sister? Did I already tell you that? I know. I have to say that from time to time to remind myself that I actually had dinner with Princess Margaret! Wow! How did a small town Texas boy pull that one off? The view from the dining area of the boat was spectacular. We had a panoramic view of the Bosporus channel just in case we got bored with the dinner company. yeah, right!. I'll never forget that moment at the dinner table when I bit down on a rock pebble which found it's way into my seafood soup dish. I discreetly pulled from my mouth, a rock pebble. My eyes are shooting back and forth around the table of six to try to not allow anyone to see what I was dealing with. When I felt something else swirling around inside my mouth, I reached in and pulled out a good sized chunk of tooth. My tooth! I broke off a tip of my upper left inside molar. To this day, I think of Princess Margaret when my tongue glides over this inside missing portion of tooth. I'm feeling it right now! Well, the missing tooth has never really bothered me much because I only possess the highest of respect for Margaret and her persona so, I get a good sensation each time my tongue glides over that missing portion of tooth. Many a hot and breezy afternoons, Margaret and I would lounge on the top level of that yacht in comfortable wooden padded lounge chairs. This all took place a couple years before her passing and to this day, I have only met three other persons besides Princess Margaret that have fascinated me by words alone! They are as follows: Adrienne Barbeau, Vivienne Westwood and Farida El Ralimi, whom I married years later. I am not saying, by any means that I have not received specific influences from others with whom I have been blessed to meet, it's just that these four energies reflected my psychological understanding of mankind and life itself! They are special to me and since this is my story and my perceptions of my experiences, then I think I can safely say, "I can say that!" Spending time together, Princess Margaret and I would run "sarcastic reflections" out of town by sundown, Brown! No one was funnier with their sarcastic wit than Princess Margaret. hands down! We would be sunbathing on the roof top of that yacht and sarcastically converse on the overabundant jellyfish community that would track us down all over the Bosporus. We could converse for hours speaking and reflecting upon the migration patterns of Turkish jellyfish! Margaret's a riot! She's the Belle of the ball whenever she was around. I guess it was in her blood, so to speak. One night after dinner, we all got up from the table and entered into the piano parlor for entertainment. Yes, a piano parlor on a yacht! I know! I'm thinking to myself, "What's this! Entertainment, too?" Little did I know that everyone in the room would be asked to perform some type of entertainment for everyone present. Princess Margaret walked up to the piano and made herself comfortable while everyone got mentally prepared. They should have told me about the entertainment portion of the trip when I was invited, then I could have prepared something! It was like duck season and I felt as though I was flying way too low over the pond as it was! Margaret played the piano superbly and sang as well. I was like. "Wow, she can play the piano and sing, too!" You probably have to know how to do them both growing up as a royal kid! It was just about after Margaret's applause ended when another guest made their way to the piano HOT seat. That was when I actually realized that yes, everyone was going to perform something for everyone else! Wow! I wish I could have had a video camera focused on my face when this realization crossed my consciousness! Bam! What the heck was I going to do? I don't play a single musical instrument and my singing was slightly worse than my dancing abilities. What? I'm gonna do stand up comedy? It crossed my mind but I kind of tossed that. realizing that I had never attempted to consciously tell stories or jokes to make people laugh before! I could have performed a strip tease maybe but I would have probably been taken away by the fully armed on boat security agent. Counselor guy finished singing, everyone looked at me! Wow! Outta the blue, I'm like. "Well, did everyone get their chance to entertain? I was hoping to divert my turn over to someone else. Didn't work! Everyone was smiling and shaking their heads as if they were saying. "Yeah, we're done. whata ya got?!" Wow! I do not know where this came from and if someone told me that I just pulled it out of my cowboy hat. I would have to personally agree. I sat down at the piano and everyone gathered around the piano, looking at ME! I took a deep breath and began. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am not going to attempt to compete with the likes of those who have played this piano and sang so beautifully here this evening. I would like to try something a little different. if you don't mind." All the while I'm trying everything I can to sound as eloquent and proper without a hint of my southern accent. Everyone was now intrigued and I had everyone's undivided attention. Oh great! I was coming to the bonfire without firewood! Wow, when nothing else came to mind, I began, "Tonight is audience participation night and I will be your conductor and this evening we are going to perform. (now, here it is. ohhhh boy!) Old McDonald Had a Farm! That's right! (as I then turned on the Texas twang) Old McDonald Had a Farm!" The look on everyone's face was priceless. Ambassadors from New York, a jewelry magnate from New York, a famous New York hair designer and some other Ambassador guy from the region. The stone looks on those faces reminded me of Mount Rushmore! I calmed everyone down by explaining the rules of the song. It's not like I really had to calm anyone down because you could have heard a duck feather drop in the room! This was when the guests actually had time to think the whole thing through and began to realize that I wasn't kiddin' about this. Old McDonald sing a long thing! Once everyone believed that I was going to actually do this. then everyone began preparing. I told everyone to pick an animal for the sing a long and then I asked out loud, "Does everyone have an animal?" Everyone slowly nodded their heads up and down. I continued, "there are a few ground rules to this sing a long, Rule Number 1. If you hear someone else use your animal before you get a chance to use it, then you must come up with another animal before your turn begins. Rule number 2. since I'm the conductor, then it will be up to me to point to the next animal. I mean. person to denote who's next." Everyone was now on board and excited about playing this little childhood sing a long and Margaret was even smiling. I sang a verse to let everyone know the back and forth nature of how the song operated. Women Nike Free Run 4.0 Night Blue Volt Pure Platinum White,Navicular disease is a degenerative disease, very like osteoarthritis, that affects the navicular bone and the navicular bursae of the horse's hoof. This causes the formation of bone spurs along the deep digital flexor tendon, and can be quite painful as the horse moves out at the trot and canter. It is more common among horses with very upright pasterns and narrow hooves, so conformation does seem to play a part. The condition also seems to be partially hereditary. The condition worsens over time, and if ignored, will worsen more quickly. It eventually leads to total lameness. The most critical treatment that can immediately help the horse is to put proper shoes on it. Eggbar shoes, and other shoes with pads and other options, can alleviate the pressure being placed on the navicular bone and provide immediate relief for the horse. While this is not a cure, it is certainly an improvement in overall soundness. Resting the horse when it shows signs of lameness is another critical step. Giving the horse a daily dose of anti inflammatory drugs and treating it with pain relieving drugs when symptoms are worse will go a long way in improving the quality of life in your equine friend. Most horses with navicular can go on to lead long and productive lives if treated. Navicular disease (also called navicular syndrome) refers to any lameness in the area surrounding a tiny, wedge shaped bone called the navicular, located.

Where To Buy Women Nike Free Run 4.0 Night Blue Volt Pure Platinum White,Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted Most modern American homes use their garage for purposes other than parking the car. These days, the car is relegated to the driveway or the curb, especially in suburban communities, where there is little danger of auto theft. Garages are often used as work areas, where do it yourself aficionados keep power tools. Sometimes, the garage is used as a store room, for old equipment, toys, and furniture. Oftentimes, you find yourself wondering how all that mess has gotten into the garage. You might be spring cleaning one day and decide you want to throw out all the junk that has accumulated in the garage and turn it into something more fun. A game room can be one example. Measure your garage. There are a lot of things you can do to convert your garage into a game room, and you are only limited by space. Most modern garages can hold at least two cars, side by side. This can already accommodate a lot of things, including a pool table, Foosball table, and a ping pong table. But before anything else, measure the garage and take note of its dimensions. When you go to the store to check out pool tables, ping pong tables, and other games you want to install, measure these, too, so you can plan how these will be laid out. Improve lighting. Most garages have simple fluorescent lamps affixed on the ceiling. This is acceptable if the place were to be used for storing things, or for parking the car during rainy seasons. However, a game room needs to be a lively and exciting place. Install bright lamps on the ceiling. Install scones and other wall lighting implements. If you want that retro touch, you can even buy an authentic lava lamp. And for good lighting during daytime, try adding or enlarging windows on both the side walls and the garage door. Work on the walls and flooring. The garage usually has bare walls and concrete flooring. Your game room should have a more comfortable atmosphere. You can have the walls painted a welcoming color (depending on your preference). Install tiles on the floor. You can even have the floor carpeted so folks can be comfortable playing even with their shoes off. Install the games and toys. When the garage is all cleaned out and spiffed up, you can now install the billiards table, ping pong table, dartboard, console game, and anything you want to add. You can even place a small refrigerator on the corner, which should hold refreshments. Remodeling your garage into a game room can be a fun project for any family to start on. This should give you a nice place where family members can bond over a few cups of coffee, cans of beer, and a few rounds of billiards, darts, or Foosball. Women Nike Free Run 4.0 Night Blue Volt Pure Platinum White Brandon Jennings scored 25 points, Kurt Thomas drew a crucial charging foul against Joe Johnson and the Bucks stunned the home team with a 14 0 run late in the game, beating the favoured Hawks 91 87 on Wednesday night for a 3 2 lead in the best of seven series. Milwaukee, appearing in the playoffs for the first time since 2006, responded like the seasoned post season team after getting blown out in the first two games. The third seeded Hawks, planning for a long run in their third straight playoff appearance, better figure out a way to win on the road or this season will be over much sooner than they expected. Milwaukee centre Andrew Bogut is watching the playoffs with a cast on his right hand after taking a gruesome fall late in the regular season, but the 20 year old Jennings keeps stepping up big with darting moves to the hoop and timely jumpers. The rookie scored 12 straight points early and clinched the victory with two free throws. Joining him in a duo for the ages is the 37 year old Thomas, one of the league's oldest players. Bogut's replacement doesn't show up much on the stat sheet he took only one shot and failed to score but he came up with perhaps the biggest play of the game when he stepped out to take a charge from Johnson with 2:15 remaining, the Atlanta star's sixth foul. "I thought when Joe Johnson came out of the game," Jennings said, "we had a chance to win it." The Hawks appeared to be in control leading 82 73 after Josh Smith's long jumper with 4:10 remaining. Milwaukee scored the next 14 points while Atlanta was missing seven straight shots. Even though Al Horford finally broke the drought with 19 seconds remaining, then banked in a three pointer from the top of the key to finish with 25 points and 11 rebounds, it wasn't enough to make up for a total collapse. "This is incredible," said Jamal Crawford, who had an awful game one day after winning the NBA's Sixth Man Award. "We had the game won. It just slipped away from us." Crawford's night ended in appropriate fashion a desperation three pointer that missed badly and left him sprawled on the court. He finished 4 of 18 from the field for 11 points. Johnson wasn't much better, making 6 of 16 for 13 points before fouling out for the first time this season. "It was a terrible loss," Johnson said. "It was embarrassing." The Bucks ran out the final seconds and celebrated with chest bumps in the centre of Philips Arena, while the Hawks straggled to the locker room, hearing nothing but boos from a sellout crowd of 19,304. "Bye bye, Woody!" someone shouted at Atlanta coach Mike Woodson, whose contract is up at the end of a season that now finds itself in one loss and done mode. "It's a tough loss," Woodson said, "but it's a seven game series." Atlanta cruised through the first two games at home and fully expected to win at least one game in Milwaukee, which would have set them up to clinch at home in Game 5. Instead, it's the gritty Bucks who are on the verge of moving on to face waiting Orlando in the Eastern Conference semifinals. "We feel great," Thomas said. "Even after the first two games, we felt very confident we would go home and get the job done." Milwaukee shot 41 per cent from the field but simply outworked an Atlanta team that seemed stunned more and more to find itself in a tough series. John Salmons added 19 points for the Bucks and Luke Ridnour had 15. "We know we didn't play well," Salmons said. "It was an ugly game." But it sure looked pretty at the end. The Bucks continually drove to the hoop in the fourth quarter, drawing foul after foul and hitting 15 of 18 free throws. Stunningly, Atlanta never got to the line in the final period. Marvin Williams had 22 points for the Hawks, who couldn't overcome the dismal showings by their two leading scorers, Johnson and Crawford. The Hawks appeared to be taking control in the third quarter with the sort of play that had been missing since the first two games in Atlanta. Johnson took things into his own hands, driving right around Thomas for a dunk that broke a 50 50 tie and sparked a 17 4 run that took less than four minutes. Johnson also hit a couple of jumpers during the spurt, and he got plenty of support from Horford and Williams. Horford scored six points, including a couple of ferocious dunks set up by passes from Mike Bibby. After the second jam, Bibby backpedalled down the court with a smile on his face, the Hawks appearing to have fun for the first time all night. Williams scored the other five points in Atlanta's outburst, including a three point play that began at the other end with a turnover by Salmons. The Bucks just wouldn't go away, even though both replacement centres, Thomas and Gadzuric, ran into foul trouble. Thomas picked up his fourth less than four minutes into the third quarter, while Gadzuric was whistled for his fifth before the period was done. Unlike Johnson, they both managed to make it to the finish. The Hawks' frustration showed early. Zaza Pachulia sent Jennings flying with a hard whack late in the first quarter, drawing an intentional foul. The six foot one Jennings hopped off the court as though he wanted to go at the 6 11 Pachulia, but Thomas and the officials stepped in to push the rookie guard away. Ridnour jawed a bit with Pachulia before things calmed down.

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