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If you have a level 30 and a level 15 class and have 50% of your bar saved up and use 20% of it on either class, 30% will remain for use). Most dungeons earlier on aren too difficult, but all of them do require you to have a bit of a brain. Don fall asleep at the wheel cause some of them can get really challenging and one person can wipe the group; it possible later on. Every class, later on, basically gets an "evolution". Your friend started as an archer, then got a "specialization" in Bard. You still earn all of your archer skills as they come, but you get quests every 5 levels from level 30 to get more useful abilities from your Bard specialization. Crafting is fun. 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We Offer High Quality Cheap Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk,Air Jordan 3 Sport Blue The Pay No Tax Sentiment has become a populous sentiment making itself known through the Tea Party movement. Like everything else, the ultra right is not one thing, nor do they all believe the same thing. Some Tea Partiers are working men and women, living from pay check to pay check, and while favoring the ultra rich hurts these people financially, they support the movement because their moral/religious concerns are supported by the movement. These antiabortion, anti gay marriage religious fundamentalists are committed to their moral/religious POV that they will support any political movement that heralds their moral causes. There are others within the Tea Bag Movement that may have no strong opinion about moral/religious values, but they so hate taxes that they will carry banner for their moral members in order to get their support for their anti tax issues. There are also Libertarian leaning members of the Tea Party movement. Libertarians just hate government intrusion into their lives PERIOD. They hate the government power to tax, and they hate government regulations of anything and everything. In the late 1980s some people referred to Libertarians as Republicans that smoke dope. The anti abortion, life begins at fertilization thus saith Lord tea partiers would not support the legalization of prostitution or drugs (victimless crimes in the eyes of Libertarians), but as long as that is not front and center the religious conservatives and the financial conservatives can form a coalition against progressive democrats. Most people on Searchwarp know me as a liberal/progressive so it may surprise some to learn that once in my twenties, I was a true believing Libertarian. I was not just mildly Libertarian. I was a committed Libertarian. I edited a statewide Libertarian newsletter called, The Libertygram . I was the chair of my states Libertarian Speaker Bureau. If I were now like I was then I would have fit easily into the Tea Party movement. Back in my Libertarian days I attended a house party where the Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States was present. Someone asked him what he, as a Libertarian would do about the budget if elected President. He said, "I send Congress a budget on a single piece of paper with a huge Zero in the center of the page." I started to lose my faith in Libertarianism at that moment. I started asking myself questions like these: What if there was a guy involved in some accident that left him quadriplegic, depended on a vent to breath, and what if every member of his family had been killed in that same accident. What if he had no money, no church, and all his friends were poor. What should we the citizens of the United States do? Should we just let the guy die? Should we expect private charities or church groups to financially support this guy? Libertarians would say yes, AND if no one was paying taxes those who are infected with compassion would have more of their own money to donate to charitable causes, but I felt sure that that would not happen. So what if there were not enough charities willing or able to care for the many totally disabled people that exist within our boarders? Let just push this idea to its conclusion: if there was no one willing to voluntarily support a totally dependent person what should we the people do? Do we let them die? Do we use the government to step in and support them? Instead of arguing, let us assume that the argument is over. We have come to the place where we all agree that there is a helpless being with no one willing to step in use their time and money to keep them alive. What do we the people do then? Some of my Libertarian zealots said, "let them die." Why should I have to pay for the actions of a bad driver? Why should we keep retarded babies alive when they will never contribute anything to society? I started to see ultra conservative anti tax, tiny government people as cold hearted, selfish people. Liberty stopped sounding like freedom to me. When I heard these people talk about Liberty what I heard was ME, ME, ME. I remembered my history classes where I heard Adolf Hitler exterminated, people with Down syndrome, people with schizophrenia, and eventually people with physical handicaps, and racial heritages considered inferior. I remember seeing a photo in some magazine (Life or maybe National Geographic) where someone was walking down a road, walking past a dead body laying in the street, and the cut line said that people would not look at the dead, because if they were caught showing ANY curiosity about who was dead that the police would force these interested passers by to pay for the burial. I started looking up facts, like, "how many quadriplegics are there in the United States and what is the cost of their care? How many retarded children exist? I asked myself: do we need a military to protect us from invasion? Will we have plans, ships, guns, bombs, computers, radar, etc. Will our soldiers need shoes? How about uniforms? What if they get sick or wounded? Will we have to have hospitals and doctors and nurses available to care for the soldiers? do we need a fire department, ambulance services, and a police department. do we need jails to confine bad people? And do we have to have guards to control these prisoners? Will we feed them? Will we have them go naked or will we have prison uniforms? Will we control the temperature to keep them from freezing to death in the winter? do I really believe that people will just voluntarily pay for these things without the need to tax them? Next, I recalled a story I read about the Interstate Highway, perhaps the most expensive infrastructure expenditure in history. This big government funded project was the idea of a Republican, President Eisenhower. The story is that while Eisenhower was in the military he ordered troops to go from the East cost to the West coast and learned that it took them 67 days to get from the Atlantic to the Pacific. When Eisenhower was elected President he had a vision that this country would be stronger militarily, and economically, it we had wide fast highways that covered this land and linked the states as well as the east and west coast. The final estimate of the cost of the Interstate System was issued in 1991. It estimated that the total cost would be $128.9 billion, with a Federal share of $114.3 billion. This estimate covered only the mileage (42,795 miles) built under the Interstate Construction Program. The spending on the Interstate was imposed on the states. The states were required (by a Republican) to pay part of the cost to build and maintain the Interstate. If the interstate highway were proposed today it would be voted down. Some evidence of this can be seen in the elected leaders refusing to update and repair the Interstate Highway system. Infrastructure is a perfect example of Government solving problems for the people, NOT causing these problems. A brief look at the benefits of the Interstate Highway are as follows: It has returned more than $6 in economic productivity for each $1 it cost. It has positioned the nation for improved international competitiveness. It has permitted the cherished freedom of personal mobility to flourish. It has enhanced international security. You can have services, roads, or protection for free. Protecting children from abuse is linked to a cost. Stopping and punishing rapists and robbers is not something we can do for free. Having a military comes with a huge cost. All this happens because people pay taxes. Once, Republicans recognized this. Under our "I Like Ike" Republican President the highest tax bracket on earned income was 92% in 1953 and 91% after that. The highest tax bracket today is 35%. Under Ike, the top tax bracket was 3 times higher than it is today. No one with any understanding of Eisenhower would call him a socialist, or a liberal, but by today standards Eisenhower would be a liberal. Eisenhower was a pragmatic conservative. That President wanted to use government to solve problems for the American people. This is evidence that once Republicans were conservative, yet willing to do what needed to be done to help the people of this Nation. Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk I been the LG Optimus G Pro since early May. It taken so long for me to write this that the phone original $200 selling price has now dropped to $100 on AT I don want to send it back, so I been delaying the inevitable. If you reading this, though, it means I hit the publish button, wiped my data off the phone and boxed it up for its trip back to AT headquarters in Dallas. We had a good run. So, this is a phone for people with giant man hands who are interested in the Samsung Galaxy Note II but don want to spend a lot of money and don care about not having the Note II signature stylus. The Optimus G Pro and Note II are both similar in size, each with a 5.5 inch screen, but LG offering manages to trim the side bezel just enough to make it feel more like a smartphone than a phablet. Don get me wrong: It still a huge phone. I can hold it in one hand and have my thumb stretch far enough to tap the opposite upper and lower corners of the screen. And though it fits in my pants pockets, it not exactly comfortable if I riding a bike or bending over to pick something up. In the below photo, from left to right, are the 5.5 inch LG Optimus G Pro, the 4.7 inch HTC One and the 3.5 inch iPhone 4S. LG has ticked all but a few of the boxes with this phone. The full HD (1920 screen is great, the touch keyboard is responsive and can be shifted to either side to accommodate one handed typing, there a physical home button, there ample storage (32 gigabytes) with an easy to access expansion slot, and the quad core Snapdragon processor handles Android with ease. Like most phone makers, LG has lathered its own custom interface over the top of Android. I duck as Android purists whip beer bottles at my head before saying that LG interface is actually pretty good. There are plenty of customization options, everything relatively intuitive and the added shine doesn slow the overall operation of the phone down noticeably. There are a few nice software extras as well, such as the ability to use the phone as a remote for your TV and other home entertainment equipment. As for the phone so so features, the battery is able to last through an entire day of moderate use, but heavy use wears it down more than I like to see with a phone this size. Also, the build quality is at best utilitarian and at worst plasticky. It not bad but it nothing to write home about. Finally, the camera takes serviceable photos, but color reproduction is a bit on the bland side and low light images suffer. This isn a phone for those of you who want to get creative with your photo taking; everyone else will find most photos turn out fine, however. And now to the bad stuff. The speakerphone is bad. It arguable the phone worst feature. It doesn get loud enough and it very tinny. Turn the volume up all the way and it has a tendency to crackle. The positioning of the volume buttons on the phone left edge is too low, too. LG made way for a customizable quick launch button to sit in the prime real estate of the upper left corner of the phone bezel instead. I would have gladly taken the volume buttons higher up with the quick launch button lower down. There no HDMI output either. This phone is more than powerful enough to drive content to your TV, but you have to futz with DLNA settings to do so. That about it for the cons, though, and the phone $100 price tag helps ease the pain substantially. Bottom line: If you looking for a giant smartphone on AT the LG Optimus G Pro beats the Samsung Galaxy Note II thanks to its cheaper price and higher resolution screen. There are almost certainly other contenders that make their way to market later this year (Galaxy Note III? Something phablet like from HTC?) but none of them will be priced at $100 out the door. I went straight to T mobile and got a much cheaper unlimited no contract plan with 4G LTE working just fine. I love this phone! I've been an HTC fan, with their beautiful skin,s for many years, but the limited screen size and storage on their recent offerings almost had me buying a Samsung Note 2. I'm glad I researched and found the cheaper, yet better spec'ed Optimus Pro instead. The article review is pretty spot on. I would have loved a better quality camera, no custom android skin, stylus, and different button placements, but all the other tech attributes at this price is simply awesome. Sure, the upcoming Note 3 is better, but way too expensive and while the rumored Nexus 5 might be a tad cheaper, it probably won't have a 5.5" screen and certainly won't have upgradable memory and batteries. I just wish there were more cases available for this unknown and underrated LG phablet. after having this phone since its first week as my first non iphone in 6 yrs, i have to say this is a near perfect review. The only thing i'd change/add is that the stereo bluetooth is also a con, cant move very far away and the sound reproduction is bad (EQ apps help a bit). But other than that i love this phone. Ive added the zerolemon 9000m battery, which about doubles the thickness but i can go hard for about 48 72hrs on a full charge. Just wish i woulda waited for the price drop and the white version. Really Great Phone.

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