You Can Find The Latest Style Of Nike Air Foamposite One For Cheap Mens. Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Fluorescent Green Website To Nike Air Foamposite One Fast Delivery And Good Customer Services Are Guaranteed Human emotions, such as greed and fear, have always moved markets. Money can be made betting with or against the crowd, so measuring the mood of the masses online can be just as valuable as tracking price to earnings ratios, corporate profits and interest rates. The new trend on Wall Street for deciphering if the populace and investing public is in a positive or negative state of mind is computer driven text analysis of the millions of real time tweets and posts that flood social networking sites.Online surveillance of social networking sites is emerging as a must have tool for hedge funds, big banks, high frequency traders and black box investment firms that run money via computer programs. The goal: to gather market intelligence from previously untapped sources.This emerging tool works something like this: Are you feeling glum, fearful or anxious today? Or are you in a calm, happy, optimistic mood? If you share your state of mind with the digital world via a tweet on Twitter or a soul baring post on Facebook, Wall Street probably knows how you and millions of other people are feeling, too, thanks to its growing use of linguistic analysis of online posts. This incoming psychological snapshot of the Twitterati, digerati and average Joe could prompt a computer program interpreting the data at a hedge fund to place a trade without human intervention in an attempt to profit from the information.The conversation tying tweets and social media and stocks together has gotten louder ever since last fall, when an academic study at Indiana University in Bloomington found a correlation between the collective mood of millions of people identified by tweets and the direction of the Dow Jones industrial average. "If you would have told anyone 10 years ago that this data would be available, they would have called it science fiction. We know that emotions play a significant role in markets," he says. Analyzing millions of tweets is akin to a "large scale emotional thermometer for society as a whole."Derwent Capital Markets, a London based hedge fund, was so taken with Bollen's findings that it will soon launch a fund based on the methodology in his paper.Interest in the marriage of social media and finance remains high. candidate at Pace University showed a positive correlation between stock price performance and the social media "popularity" of well known brands Starbucks, Coca Cola and Nike.A lot of noisePopular Mechanics cites this type of digital surveillance, which it dubs complex event processing, as one of the "10 Tech Concepts You Need to Know for 2011." The magazine notes that there is a lot of noise in the data rich digital world, which makes it harder to unearth relevant information. But it stresses that "a new generation of software" is shifting the focus from "data," or a record of what's happened, to "events," or "what's happening right now."Measuring investor sentiment has long been used by financiers as a tool to divine the future direction of stocks. But traditional tools are decidedly low tech and less timely, such as the weekly polling of individual investors and financial newsletter editors to see how many are bullish and how many are bearish.The skyrocketing use of chatty and highly trafficked sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube has created a fresh, massive and useful warehouse of new data. Sophisticated investors view the mining of digital chatter via machines as a way to gain an edge.Information gleaned from social networking sites is dubbed unstructured data,or more qualitative stuff not generally interpreted by computers for the purpose of making decisions, such as buy and sell orders, explains Adam Honore, research director for Aite Group's capital markets group. Other types of unstructured data include traditional news, Internet content and regulatory filings. These data are often less scrutinized by Wall Street and, thus, more valuable to traders who do analyze it. Quantitative market data, such as prices of trades executed at exchanges or the first quarter GDP number, are considered structured data.In recent years the percentage of market participants incorporating unstructured data into their trading models has jumped to 35% from 2% in late 2008, Aite Group data show. It's all part of the technological arms race underway in global markets."We're talking about competitive advantage," says Honore. "It's all about the machine. The smallest advantage can mean substantial returns on investment."Still, Honore says sentiment information extracted from social media sites is more useful as a complementary data point rather than the basis of an entire investment strategy. "You can use it for some trading decision support," he says. "But would I run a whole strategy off of it? No.""This is just the tip of the iceberg," says Eric Davidson, vice president at Titan Trading Analytics, a behavioral finance research firm that recently incorporated social media data into its trading strategies. "But it's too early to build strategies solely off of social media. I don't think anyone has nailed this concept yet."Analyzing text in search of sentiment clues is not new on Wall Street. In recent years, traders have been using computer algorithms to speed read news. There are a handful of machine readable news services that use computers to analyze news content. The services parse the meaning of language and convert sentiment readings about individual companies or the broad market into numeric data that computers can crunch and base investment decisions on.A real time news analytics service offered by Thomson Reuters "measures how positive, neutral or negative a news article is with respect to given companies," says Rich Brown, global business manager for machine readable news at Thomson Reuters.When it comes to getting clear trading signals, however, Brown believes acquiring accurate sentiment readings is easier using traditional news gathered and disseminated in complete sentences by professional journalists than it is from the quirky, abbreviated language used in the "noisy" world of social media.But the noisy part of the tweet world can be a plus, says Paul Tetlock, a finance professor at Columbia University whose research has been incorporated into text algorithms used by machine readable news services."It cuts both ways," says Tetlock. "On the one hand, the person writing a tweet may not be thinking very carefully. So the information from the tweet might be noisy. But, on the other hand, social media doesn't filter out rumor and other speculation that might be informative to investors."An 87% accuracy rateBollen's paper disputes the notion that measuring millions of 140 characters or less tweets cannot generate winning stock trades. In the paper titled "Twitter mood predicts the stock market," Bollen asked: Can societies experience mood states that affect their collective decision making? If so, can the public mood predict stock prices?To answer those questions, Bollen analyzed the text of daily Twitter feeds (9.6 million in total) over a nine month period in 2008 with two mood tracking tools. One simply measures whether the daily tweets were positive or negative. The other tool sought to measure human mood states by categorizing tweets under six terms equated with different mood types: calm, alert, sure, vital, kind and happy.The paper claims an 87% accuracy rate in using Twitter mood measurements to predict Dow stock prices three to four days later.What makes the findings powerful to investors is Twitter's predictive ability. Twitter's real time stream of data alerts traders to mood swings before others might notice it."If 100 million people are getting nervous, it could affect the market" and trigger, say, a sell trade to profit from the information, says Bollen.Adds Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics, a text analysis firm that also monitors social media, "Because Twitter tweets are such an early stream of information, if you can measure it well, then you have an earlier signal. You can make an investment decision . before it is even published in the mainstream media.".

Senate special election could make next week a good time for voters who like to see thoughtful candidates focus deeply on policy. But for people who want to see debates that matter in the outcome of elections, it's not so promising. It's the mostly civil, issue driven race that everyone says they want but that hardly anyone is following. Strategists and politics followers expect that perhaps 1 in 10 eligible voters the 2.85 million registered as Republicans or Democrats will participate in the Aug. 13 primary. Polls have shown former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan with a large lead over Franklin Township physician Alieta Eck in the Republican race and Newark Mayor Cory Booker way ahead of three opponents on the Democratic side. Booker also is considered the front runner in the general election. Fairleigh Dickinson University political scientist Peter Woolley says that for the underdogs, there are only a few hopes. "They can hope their opponent makes a terrible gaffe and that goes viral," he said or find a way to lure voters back from vacation. "It's a shame this election is going the way it is," said Patrick Murray, a Monmouth University pollster. Reps. Rush Holt and Frank Pallone and state Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver. Murray said the crowded field is one reason Booker is likely to win easily. Many liberal groups, including labor unions that can mobilize voters, are sitting the race out. Murray said it's hard for them to choose between Holt and Pallone and with both in the race, they feel neither has much of a chance against Booker. The winner of the Oct. 16 general election will serve the last 15 months of the term of Frank Lautenberg, who died in June. Among the issues the candidates have talked about are Booker's call for a plan to reduce child poverty, Holt's support for taxes on polluters and stock trades, Oliver's calls for gun control and Pallone's bill to alter the way Medicare reimburses doctors. On the Republican side, Eck has talked about scrapping President Barack Obama's health insurance overhaul and instead giving doctors incentives to treat uninsured patients for free. Lonegan has spent much of his time bashing the Democrats' ideas and calling on lower taxes and cutting the scope of the federal government. All four Democrats are scheduled to appear at a forum Monday at Montclair State University and another Thursday at the studios of WBGO FM in Newark. The NAACP said it would sponsor a debate Tuesday in Newark for the Republican candidates, but a Lonegan spokesman said Saturday that the candidate had not agreed to take part. The two also faced off once last week. 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