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The American Society of Testing and Materials has standards for work boots, and yours should be compliant. If they are deemed suitable by ASTM, they will bear a label of "ASTM F2413." Each boot will be graded according to the ASTM impact and compressing ratings. If an object falls on your foot that is heavier than what is recommended, the protective shield may not protect you. These ratings are: I/50 (50 lbs. dropped from 12 inches), I/75 (75 lbs. dropped from 18 inches), C/50 (withstand compression of 1,750 lbs.) and C/75 (withstand compression of 2,500 lbs.). Differences Between Safety Toes Steel Toes Workplace related injuries directly affect the bottom line through missed hours of labor, insurance costs and decreases in employee morale. Many businesses require. What Are Gel Toe Caps? Gel toe caps are silicone based and are designed for individuals who have deformed toenails, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, corns or overlapping toes. If. 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Factory Outlet Store Provide The Latest Styles Cheap Air Jordan 5 Grape 2013,Air Jordan 8 Bugs Bunny 2013 James hinted on Sunday that he was close to agreeing to a long term extension with Nike to continue to be one of their top pitchmen. James' original seven year contract that paid him in excess of $100 million with bonuses is set to expire in a couple of months."I don't plan on going anywhere, maybe I already have a agreement," James said perhaps not wanting to take away from a formal announcement. "I take care of my business on and off the court."Last year, James signed an extension with Coca Cola when a six year deal he signed when he was 18 expired. Coke which has used him to pitch Sprite, Powerade and now Vitamin Water and Nike continue to be his longest running business partners.It isn't clear just how much James' new Nike deal may be worth. The numbers can always been inflated to assume certain incentives and royalties from sales. When James' initially signed with Nike, at least $90 million was guaranteed including a $10 million signing bonus.As part of that first contract, sources said, there was a potential $5 million per year bonus if James played in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles in the first few years of the deal. That clause expired, however, several years ago.It has been a theory that endorsement money would be one reason James would consider leaving Cleveland when he becomes a free agent this summer. With the Nike extension plus deals with Coke, State Farm and McDonald's, James will likely remain as the highest earning current NBA player when it comes to endorsements.The Nike Zoom LeBron VII, the most recent version of James' signature shoe, has been successful and is being worn by numerous college players as well as an increasing number of NBA players."I think my shoes have continued to get better over the years and a lot of players, a lot of teams and a lot of colleges want to wear my shoes," James said. "I appreciate that especially around March. The VII is the best we've had so far, until the VIIIs come out."James, who will likely have a new personal Nike logo soon because the current one features No. 23 and he's changing to No. 6, implied his new deal will lead to double figure versions of his shoe."I'll have a [version] eigthI and a 12 and 13 or something like that," James said.Z return on tap: Anticipated for weeks, Monday is the first day the Cavs can talk to Zydrunas Ilgauskas about re signing with the team. Ilgauskas' agent, Herb Rudoy, told The Plain Dealer that he hopes to get a deal done quick enough that Ilgauskas can practice and then travel with the team to New Orleans on Tuesday.Players are looking forward to Ilgauskas' return."He's a good friend of mine and he's a great teammate," James said. "Z's a veteran, his play will automatically guarantee him minutes because of how good he is, how tall he is and his shooting ability. Z doesn't have to worry about not coming in and not having a role."Coach Mike Brown has stuck to the company line and declined to talk about Ilgauskas' return until it is official.Dribbles: Without making an announcement or drawing attention, the Cavs hung a banner in The Q for winning the Central Division this season. . Darnell Jackson was recalled Sunday after scoring 32 points with 11 rebounds for the Erie BayHawks Saturday night. . The season series sweep of the Pistons is the second in team history. The last was in the 1979 80 season. Air Jordan 5 Grape 2013 Their are so many basketball shoes to choose from. Everyone has questions like "What brand should I buy from?" or "What type of shoe is best for my play style?" Well, those are the questions I am here to answer, with my five tips on choosing basketball shoes. 5. Your shoe needs to have the characteristics and qualities you need, not what Kobe needs. 4. Every person needs something different out of a shoe. For example if your a guard, you need a lighter shoe that provides you with speed and agility. If your a center, you need a shoe that provides you with good ankle support and has good traction, so when your posting up on your defender your practically unstoppable. 3. Don't compromise performance for looks. Everyone wants to look good while their playing, but always pay more attention to the performance of the shoe rather than the looks. 2. Always look for sales. Places such as Champs and Foot Locker always have great deals going on. You can buy great shoes for up to 30% 40% off. 1. A big controversy is whether it is better to buy high tops or low cuts. I have been playing basketball for 6 years now, and in my experience they both provide pros and cons. Low tops proved little ankle support, but they allow speed and agility. High tops have great ankle support, but allow little speed or agility.

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