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Amausi Airport director, Atul Dikshit confirmed, "We will conduct a trial run soon. This will be done to check the glitches, if any, before its actual use starts.'' The airlines have been asked to get their systems and other logistics placed at the new terminal building during the trial period.The move comes close on the heels of the AAI decision to impose user development charge from the airlines, which eventually pass the burden on to the passengers.The old terminal building, as a matter of fact, is quite old and lacks facilities as expected by the passengers.The new terminal would provide a much better, if not state of the art, facilities to the passengers.Delayed by almost two years, the new facility has turned into a project causing constant embarrassment to the AAI. No wonder it is yet to be decided as to when the facility will be thrown open for public use.Officials at Amausi Airport maintain that their duty is to prepare and set the terminal for final use. "Any date as to when it will be inaugurated will be decided by the Ministry of Civil Aviation,'' an official said.With the state gearing up for assembly polls, probably in another four months' time, opening up of the terminal may just provide ample mileage to the Congress led UPA government at the Centre.In fact, the utility was scheduled to be inaugurated on November 19 (the birth anniversary of Congress leader and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi).But with the facility yet to be made fully functional, the decision had to be postponed. Sources said that the AAI may take its time to announce the next date for getting the facility inaugurated.About usAdvertise with usTerms of Use and Grievance Redressal PolicyPrivacy policyFeedbackLiving and entertainment. 414571 003 Womens Air Jordan 13 Infrared Black Infrared 23 Black ,Nike Air Foamposite One Knicks 656503 010 Air Jordan Future Black Black White Women Size 616750 001 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy 656503 601 Jordan Future True Red Air Jordan 7 Olympic Gold Medal Pack 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White Air Jordan 5Lab3 Silver 616750 600 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Area 72 Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Metallic Silver Music, physical movement, technology and being cool have long gone hand in hand. Now, two iconic brands, Apple Computer and Nike, are collaborating on a new system of gizmos that take exercising and digital music players to a new level. The Nike+iPod Sport Kit allows runners and walkers to listen to songs and to record, store and share information (such as speed, distance covered and calories burned) with others about their exercise sessions. The system also to runners in real time, providing information as they jog along. The $29 kit consists of two gadgets a receiver that plugs into an iPod Nano and a sensor that sits inside the inner sole of specially made Nike shoes and transmits data to the receiver wirelessly. Buyers also get software to download the running data to a special website where the information can be stored and tracked over time and shared with other runners. are two strong brands coming together, says Wharton marketing professor Patricia Williams. they are brands that, in terms of their personalities, have a lot in common: They are both exciting and cutting edge. They complement one another quite well. The co branding effort also recognizes that their brands meet a need in the market. It a way to integrate Nike into the iPod culture and integrate iPod into the running culture. It quite a smart move. a brilliant idea, agrees Wharton marketing professor Peter Fader. something that seems to meet a genuine consumer need; that the first and most important test. But it really, truly taps into the iconic imagery of both partners. Just when you keep thinking that the iPod has run its course and growth is slowing down, Apple raises it up a notch again and further cements the status of products involving the word into the fabric of American culture. Wharton marketing professor Barbara Kahn notes that Nike and Apple have already reaped some rewards from their joint effort. Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal influential technology columnist, and other tech journalists have written glowing reviews about the kit. Says Kahn: goal in co branding is to link two brands in a positive way, to merge two audiences, to generate brand awareness and media and attention so, yes, it working. Another Wharton marketing professor, Americus Reed, also thinks the Apple Nike collaboration will reap benefits. Like any co branding effort, the Apple Nike partnership can serve three chief goals. The first is to send a signal to consumers that both firms are innovative. Like his Wharton colleagues, Reed points out that the iPod is embedded in the fabric of pop culture, owning a staggering 80% of the MP3 market a choke hold that Apple would dearly love to maintain. Would be iPod killers from Samsung and Sony have miserably, Reed says, and Microsoft new family of hardware and software music products, to be sold under the brand name, announced on July 21, has yet to be tested against the iPod and iTunes. For its part, Nike has long been a major brand in its own right. Both Nike and Apple should benefit from the effect created by the co branding collaboration, according to Reed. Nano is a small piece of the iPod family, he says, because iPod is continuously innovating, it appears that people will not choose to buy a Nano just because this sport kit exists. Note that this kit can only be used with a Nano, which is probably not a good idea, and the sensor and receiver can only talk to each other. If one you have to buy a whole new sport kit. Serious Runners vs. Nor is Nike likely to sell more shoes, Reed says. He notes that research by MBA students in his customer analysis class at Wharton found that Nikes are not the favored brand of runners, who prefer New Balance and Mizuno instead. serious runners will probably not buy Nike shoes just to get this sport kit, Reed concludes. He also points out that the technology included in the kit is not new: Pedometers and sensors have long been available to runners. trick here is that, [until Apple and Nike], no one has linked them directly through an intervening MP3 product to get data from the shoe to the runner. Reed adds that more casual runners for whom running is primarily a way to show off one fashion sense rather getting a hard core workout probably will not buy the kit either. These so called fashionistas, a customer segment that emerged during the research by Reed students, like Nike shoes for their hip style. they like to display their aesthetic sense publicly, and unfortunately, the Nike+iPod Sport Kit goes in the shoe and cannot be easily identified, Reed says. it equivalent to just having a regular iPod and regular Nikes. Fader, however, says that fashionistas may still buy the sport kit in large numbers. Even though Reed is correct in pointing out that the sensor is invisible inside the shoe, runners can still brag about the fact that they are using the Nike+iPod [pronounced Nike Plus iPod] Sport Kit. Moreover, Fader says, neither Nike nor Apple may be seeking serious joggers as new customers anyway, because the companies know that serious athletes already have access to electronic products that can record information about their runs including a runner heart rate, which, significantly, the Nike+iPod Sport Kit does not provide. Says Fader: sport kit is for people who want to make fashion statements. For her part, Williams says the kit may be attractive to casual runners who want an easy way to make the transition to more serious running. In any event, she says, the co branding initiative does not hurt Nike and it may end up helping Apple more than Nike. can increase the connection consumers have with iPods and it makes the brand more relevant to this part of their lives. As they start using the kit and become a part of the running community, sharing data and challenging people whom they don even know, they deepen their ties with the Apple brand. As for Reed point that serious runners prefer other brands to Nike, Wharton marketing professor Lisa Bolton notes that the market of serious runners is quite small relative to the general market of consumers who wear sports apparel, which is where Nike can really ring up sales. own research suggests that cueing consumers to a firm costs can modestly lower profit perceptions and improve perceptions of price fairness, Bolton says. some costs are not seen as fair for example, promotional costs or third world labor costs, although these are not typically spontaneously apparent to consumers. The cost is cost of goods sold and is tied to quality, so it is up to Nike to convince people that the products costs and quality are sufficiently high to justify its high prices. So far, they appear to have been successful. A product like Nike Plus may help their entire product line by convincing people that Nike invests a lot in order to be technologically superior. Looking at the larger picture, Williams believes the introduction of the sport kit may mark merely the beginning of a foray by Apple into new territory. interesting about the MP3 player phenomenon is consumers use them everywhere as a complement to almost any activity they undertake, she says. question is how Apple can leverage the iPod position to become more integrated into those activities as opposed to being just an accessory to those activities. I don know what those activities may be, but the opportunities are there. One Nike marketing official has said that Nike will not spend money on traditional advertising to create interest in the sport kit and will, in fact, rely on buzz marketing and word of mouth referrals. is bad, asserts Reed. pre existing perceptions of Nike on the part of hard core runners will spread as negative word of mouth that will not be countered by cool imagery, hip music and other positive effects that would come from a traditional campaign. Word of mouth is usually good if people have good things to say. However, most hard core runners will continue to spread their lackluster attitudes toward Nike shoes, even with the availability of the new sport kit. Another reason the lack of traditional ads might harm Nike attempt to sell more shoes stems from the fact that sport fashionistas to be constantly reinforced with imagery and hip marketing strategies so that they can remain motivated to purchase, Reed says. This lack of support seems inconsistent with Nike typical approach to new product launches, which includes massive advertising and integrated marketing support. Reed thinks it is nonetheless possible that the decision to forego traditional ads may reflect the fact that Nike primary goal is to send a to customers, not to sell more shoes. technology probably doesn cost that much, so the $29 price point is probably giving Nike a fairly hefty margin, Reed says. of the kit may be seen as mere icing on the cake. salespeople didn seem enthused about the product and didn seem well trained about its features, Reed reports. 414571 003 Womens Air Jordan 13 Infrared Black Infrared 23 Black,Here's a sticky situation. You want to take a dream vacation but you're the cheapest son of a bitch you know. How can you enjoy an exotic getaway while at the same time living like the Hobo King you've long aspired to be? The answer is to do away with all the frills normal people take on vacations; things like solid gold hookers, lobster stuffed lobsters and those snooty "accommodations" the kids are always raving about. Who needs a hotel when the airport you land in has its own roof? There's an entire website out there dedicated to letting your "cheap enough to pick food out of the garbage" ass find the comfiest airports to snuggle up in for a night. That way you can be rested for your vacation, which will no doubt consist of walking tours of factories, free samples at local supermarkets and visiting libraries, parks and communal outhouses around the globe. Really, if you can put up with not having a bed, a shower, a kitchen, privacy or thousands of people not looking at you all night, then this is the money saving tip for you. Why? Because of the number of bums who sleep there. Inexplicably, there are sites out there that offer up this tip to save a buck at the cost of dignity, pride and hundreds of hours of your time. And that's with us carefully avoiding the too gross to mention consequences of having your fingers tear through the whisper thin shit ticket you're working the crevasse with. Wait, we guess we did mention it after all. One site even does the calculations for you, based on a 100 sheet per day scenario which we can only assume is accurate as who the fuck counts sheets of toilet paper and comes up with a whopping savings of nearly $10 a year. Ten whole dollars! When they repossess your house, you'll still be swimming in toilet paper. With that extra cash in your pocket, you can afford to go out to a movie or something, though you won't have time for that sort of thing because you'll be too busy devoting about eight hours a day to unspooling toilet paper, separating the layers, then re spooling each onto separate rolls, and presumably taping the squares back together after they separate from all this handling. So really it's a worthwhile exercise as long as your time is worth absolutely nothing. Well now you can stick it to big cat food by making your own repulsive, meaty sludge at home. Numerous sites offer up recipes and tips for making what amounts to bile flavored liver and chicken for your special kitty. Imagine the thrill of finely slicing spinach and carrot, parboiling some ground turkey (for a "gravy like appeal"), vegetable baby food and assorted other fillers, mixing the sludge together with dietary supplements and then serving your cat. Though we have to admit this works out well for the cat, as you're skipping the factory ingredients that likely include powderized roadkill, fur and the occasional missing homeless dude. We're about to blow your fucking mind with the simplicity of this idea. Are you ready? So a big chunk of your budget goes to food, right? Well did you know that if you simply stop eating for one day a week, you'll save one seventh of your food budget? The plan is pretty simple: Just look over your schedule for the week and find that one 24 hour period of time you're pretty sure you don't actually need to have any nutrients and are willing to let your body feed off of your liver and some muscle tissue for fuel. During which time you'll doubtlessly be irritable and feel slightly loopy, so we're suggesting Monday. You'll have just one more reason to give human resources when they ask why you bludgeoned a coworker that day, and you'll be secure in the knowledge that you were too weak to cause serious injury when you did it. One of the greatest scams ever perpetrated on mankind has clearly been the scam of cleanliness. Honestly, if living in shit was good enough for our cavemen ancestors what makes us so high and mighty? Just because you wore those clothes outside, got them covered in crotch sweat, farts, burrito juice and angry hobo spittle, doesn't mean they can't hold out for a couple more wearings before firing up the washer. That's the advice being handed out by visionaries who want to leapfrog steps like washing in cold and using energy efficient appliances, or even hanging your clothes to dry. All of those are going to cost you more than simply not washing them. It's time to push the envelope, people! The assumption seems to be that your own natural musk and the various filthy substances you come across from day to day aren't so intolerable as to ruin an outfit after a single day's use. And this may very well be the case if you're an exceptionally clean person or, at the other end of the scale, spend a lot of time around hippies.

Order Authentic 414571 003 Womens Air Jordan 13 Infrared Black Infrared 23 Black,Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2011 Blake Broadhurst used to run around and play in his Orwigsburg community just like any other 13 year old. But he suddenly found out he was not like other 13 year olds. "I was playing football and tackled someone and my nose started bleeding," he recalled of that day four years ago. "We couldn't get the bleeding to stop." Soon, he was not only bleeding from his nose, but from his eyes and ears, and blood was coming out his mouth. He was airlifted from his Schuylkill County home to Children's Hospital. For the nation's consensus No. 1 center, 6 foot 10 rising senior Diamond Stone, being watched by head coaches from blue blood programs is nothing new. When asked which schools are coming after him the hardest, he replied as modestly as he could. "Every big time school. Everybody is coming after me hard," he said. Stone is participating at the. Phelps' comeback gains speed with 100 butterfly win The comeback of Baltimore's Michael Phelps continued in impressive fashion Friday at the Bulldog Grand Slam in Athens, Ga., as the most decorated Olympian of all time beat rival Ryan Lochte in the 100 meter butterfly and recorded the second fastest time of the year. Phelps finished in 51.67 seconds, his first swim under 52 seconds this year. It was just his fourth meet after a 20 month retirement. "I wanted to get under 52," Phelps told reporters. "I. 414571 003 Womens Air Jordan 13 Infrared Black Infrared 23 Black BLACKSBURG, Va., Oct. 21, 2011 Students using the free VT Bus Tracker mobile device app may not know it, but they have Virginia Tech Student Government Association to thank in part for that. The SGA funded creation of the app, which was initiated in a capstone software engineering course led by Assistant Professor Eli Tilevich in the College of Engineering computer science department, after hearing complaints from students about confusion over the Town of Blacksburg bus schedule. The SGA is also responsible for setting into motion the move to make Torgersen Hall a 24 hour study facility so students would have a nearby spot for all night study sessions, and they helped bring about the recent addition of metered parking spaces at Schiffert Health Center for students who do not have faculty/staff or commuter/graduate parking passes. These are just a few examples of ways the SGA has been able to improve campus life for students. However, it takes students getting involved, as they did when they questioned the bus schedule, for the SGA to know what its constituents want. SGA President Corbin DiMeglio of Dumfries, Va., a senior majoring in finance in the Pamplin College of Business, said students need to know that they do have a voice when it comes to enhancing their college experience. are the voice of the undergraduate students here on campus. So, if there are ever any issues on campus, hopefully we the ones that students go to in order to voice those concerns, because we have a direct relationship with the campus administrators, he said. that just saying they want more buses heading to a certain place, or they want a 24 hour study facility, we voice those concerns to the administrators. The main goal of the SGA is to serve students. SGA is structured similarly to the federal government, with executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The SGA also has directors for different issues, such as directors of transportation and sustainability. These directors work with their university counterparts to get things done. put a lot of emphasis on bridging the gap between the students and the administrators and uniting other student organizations, said Vice President Emily Wilkinson of Moneta, Va., a senior majoring in psychology in the College of Science. don happen overnight, but we make sure we have relationships with administrators so we can talk to them candidly and make things happen. on a director committee is one way students can get involved. They can also show up for any meeting, as most meetings aside from those of the judicial branch are open, or they can participate in the House, or run for a higher office or Senate. Elections generally take place in the last week of March, and are open to undergraduate candidates and voters. The House is comprised of a representative from each of the 719 registered student organizations, and the Senate is made up of representatives from the individual colleges, depending on the number of students in each college. For those not inclined to be part of the governmental process, there are many other ways to get involved and show support. One way is the annual Extreme Makeover: Campus Edition survey, which will be held this year Oct. at the Owens and Library plazas. Questions are tailored to get students thinking about what they really want to see happen on campus. Wilkinson said the extra parking spaces at Schiffert were a result of this event. Students can also interact directly with the administration through the SGA sponsored VP Is In program, which features open forum sessions hosted by Vice President for Student Affairs Edward Spencer. There are still others things students can do to support the SGA, like purchasing Hokie Effect T shirts for football games. The shirts fund the student government budget. buying the shirts, not only are you increasing Hokie spirit or making games more intimidating for an opponent, you giving back to the university, Wilkinson said. like to tell students that if you see something you love or hate or want on this campus, you the ones to bring it to us and the shirts are the ones to pay for it. maroon Hokie Effect game was Oct. 1. The orange Hokie Effect game is Nov. 17. Shirts can be purchased at the Dietrick General Store, the , Volume Two Bookstore, and at Lane Stadium during games. The cost of the T shirts is $12.99 for the two of them if they are purchased together, or $5.99 for the short sleeved T shirt and $10.99 for the long sleeved T shirt if purchased separately. One of DiMeglio and Wilkinson favorite methods of getting students interested in SGA, they said, is the yearly Hokie Day, when SGA officers take varying numbers of undergraduate students along with an equal number of distinguished Virginia Tech alumni to visit the state government in Richmond. They said it is a chance for students to impress upon delegates the importance of funding for the university. maintain a close relationship with our state government. We constantly in Richmond. We constantly working to make sure the government isn decreasing funding to our universities so tuition can stay down, DiMeglio said. really cool to see students going in to talk to the delegates and tell their stories, and then see the alumni telling their stories. We so proud of this because so many schools are so much closer to Richmond, within an hour of Richmond, yet we have the strongest lobbying day. said Hokie Day is a free event and usually takes places around the beginning of the year. Participation is not limited to SGA officers or members, but students must apply in order to take part. More information about Hokie Day can be found on the SGA website, as well as details about its other programs. While it may seem politics is the SGA main theme, Wilkinson cautioned against viewing it as the heart of what the association does. of the things about student government is a lot of people dismiss it as politics, but a lot of the things we do have very little to do with that and a lot to do with bettering an already amazing campus, she said. about speaking your mind and saying what you like and what you think could be a little bit different. said he agrees that the SGA is less about politicizing the campus and more about students understanding their own power to effect positive change. students come in for orientation, a lot of professors and academics challenge them to leave their legacy, he said. is a great way to do that. Virtually every aspect of a student life outside the classroom is represented through the division departments.

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