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The man I write about, has had a serious mental illness for years. I had not asked about him for a long time and when I did, what I heard was a story that warmed my heart deeply. This man illness was diagnosed in his late teens. It always seemed to me that his family relegated him to a very isolated, lonely existence where he was forced to search out others to care for him. His family was there to support at arms length, but no closer, and as I was to learn in later years, if you have not walked in such a family shoes, it would be unwise of you to judge. In truth, their arm length support might have been the greatest gift they gave him. This man went through many relationships and his family hovered but no more. Time has taken him to a place of community. By most standards he is poor, very poor, yet with his community he plants a garden in the summer and shares the harvest with those who are really poor. In winter he and his friends make meals for the less fortunate. It is not that he is without challenge, but it is that he has found himself and his place. How many of us could say as much? And the essential wisdom? By all accounts this man as an adult has never measured up ill, highly dependant, poor and what? Doesn fit the societal norm? Yet why do I feel that the pain, the loneliness and the poverty have served as gift, a gift that has made him more compassionate, more giving, and more loving and loved, than most of us could ever hope to be. (This story is one of Judee's Essential Wisdom stories.) Judee champions taking responsibility for your own life through action, contribution and Work Life wholeness and well being through awareness, vision, and choice. Black Toe 14s ,Air Jordan 6 Carmine 2014 Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue Air Jordan 6 Brazil World Cup Bobcats 10s Air Jordan 5 Laney Carmine 6s Varsity Red 6s Air Jordan 13 Reflective Silver Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue How can I make a shoe rack for my coat closet that is like a pull out pantry?I have a full coat closet, approx 3' wide, but I don't want to take up the entire thing with shoes. I have been looking at pull out pantries and thinking that I could attach side sliding rails to one of the side walls of the closet and create a pull out shoe rack. Only thing is, I suspect that it would take up a fair amount of space (13" wide??) is there a maximum angle I need to keep the rack (I am thinking ikea Komplement shoe rack) in order to keep the shoes on? As well, we don't want the shoes to touch the coats, so I need to put a divider up do I need to have holes in the divider to ensure air circulation? How heavy duty should the slider be? Is there a better, more inventive solution that I have not seen or thought of? I am brand new to the world of DIY, so consider me a complete novice and please point out the smallest details!!Sliders specifically made for pull out pantries can be obtained from various cabinetry and woodworking catalogs. Those would probably be overkill for your needs; they'll carry 250 to 300 pounds of load. But they're designed for top and bottom mounting and long extension, so they might still be the easiest choice. If you want to use standard drawer slides you'll have to design your box so they can mount to it. How heavy duty, and how much of a throw you need, depend on the size of your design, its weight, and the weight of the shoes. Beyond that. I'm not a hugely experienced woodworker myself, so I can't advise you much beyond "Look at magazines/books, and find a design you think can be adapted to your need or advice on design practices therein." 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Welcome To Official Web Site Of The Black Toe 14s,Air Jordan 13 He Got Game 2013 (AP) The state will seek to revoke the Medicaid license of a Bronx health care facility being run by a former state senator accused of plundering it to fund a lavish lifestyle, according to a state official familiar with the case. State officials accuse the Soundview clinic of having no "compliance program" that verifies claims to make sure the costs are appropriate, and not filing 2008 and 2009 federal tax forms, a state official told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the action hadn't yet been taken. Soundview's board, which includes relatives of former Sen. Pedro Espada Jr., has also kept him and his son, Pedro G. Espada, on the payroll, the official said. An investigation by the state Medicaid Inspector General's Office began in April and has included subpoenas, depositions and the seizing of documents from Soundview, the official said. If approved, the action against the Soundview clinic could close the facility in one of the poorest parts of the state. Espada didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. His attorney, Susan R. Necheles, wouldn't immediately comment. When Gov. Andrew Cuomo first filed his accusations against Espada in 2010 as New York's Attorney General, Espada said: "Cuomo the bully strikes again . No one was ripped off. We gave opportunity to people." The move by the Cuomo administration was first reported by the New York Post. He is accused of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on restaurant meals, shows, vacations and a down payment on a Bentley luxury car. Espada is a Democrat who was the key figure in the Senate coup of the summer of 2009 that gridlocked state government. He created a coalition with the then minority party Republicans to overthrow his Democratic conference from power. After securing a lucrative leadership post from the Republicans, Espada flipped back to the Democrats for another lucrative leadership post. The unprecedented political turmoil was a centerpiece of the 2010 elections in which Democrats lost control of the Senate's powerful majority to Republicans, despite a nearly 2 to 1 enrollment advantage by Democrats. Black Toe 14s Hey, I'm Lindsey Peers and we're hanging out in my studio, The Craft Studio and today we're going to talk about how to make traditional snowflakes out of paper. All right so the first step is you're going to take some plain white computer paper. And we want to get it in to a square shape. So the easiest way to kind of do that is fold the paper in half and then trim it so it's a square. And then open it up again and cut it on the folded line. So now you have two squares for two snowflakes. Then you're going to take your square and fold it in half so it makes a triangle. And then you're going to take this triangle and fold that in half to make another triangle. Keeping in mind that the center point where you folded it is the center of your snowflake. Then you really get to go to town. You can cut all different patterns. Remembering that scissors are dangerous so if you're working with little ones make sure you give them kid friendly scissors. Make sure you can always find your center. I like to do little cuts like this and cut the middle of the paper out. You can go all around in all different designs and it's so cool because you can tell the little ones you're working with no two snowflakes are alike. So it's always a surprise to see what yours is going to turn out like. And you can go all the way around, making sure never to cut across the middle. You never want to make it across the middle because that's going to ruin your snowflake. And then when you're ready, you can open it right up. You will have a beautiful snowflake. And I like to take it one step further and add some glitter glue and punch a hole in it so we can hang it. So you want to find a spot that is sturdy enough to hold a hole punch. So I think on ours maybe we'll do it in this middle spot right here. Careful not to tear the paper when you move the hole punch away. And then you can take some plain silver ribbon and feed it through. Tie a knot so you can hang it up. And then just some silver glitter glue. And you can really kind of trace all the different designs or you can just do a little polka dots all over. If you want to get really fancy you can do a hidden initial like the letter of your first name. An L for Lindsey in the middle. And now you have a beautiful snowflake. And there you have it. You can use these beautiful snowflakes to decorate anything. Thanks so much for watching.

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