Land Choices: Changing Development in America
Step Two
Bring conservation neighborhoods to your town

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Meet with your planning commission or your local officials
Request a meeting with your official(s) or sign up on your planning commission's agenda. Planning commissions need to be informed of new standards for development and encouraged to revise their outdated regulations. With our help, you will present what needs to be done. If you are shy or uncomfortable, we have solutions for that, too.

Print extra copies of these documents for the meeting:
A. One Page Conservation Subdivision Fact Sheet (PDF) (1 page) View as HTML
B. LandChoices' Land Hero Talk Points (PDF) (2 pages) View as HTML

Present the case for conservation subdivisions
Use our materials to state the case. The goal is to update land use ordinances to make conservation subdivisions the "by right permitted use" on land scheduled for subdivisions.

Encourage officials to visit to:
A. Download LandChoices' Approved Conservation Subdivision Ordinance
B. Download two page overview on conservation subdivisions
C. Seek outside assistance, if necessary. We recommend Randall Arendt's website
D. Attend a hands-on workshop to learn more about conservation subdivisions.

Additional Action Steps

Call or e-mail your local planning officials
Ask them to visit to download the FREE one page conservation subdivision fact sheet (along sidebar)

Test it, Download it!
Ask them to visit to TEST your community's existing ordinance, and DOWNLOAD LandChoices' FREE conservation subdivision ordinance.

Web page for officials and planners
Refer them to LandChoices' website at where they can visit the conservation subdivisions link at top of the page and click on the "Planners" link in the right-hand sidebar.

Call, write or e-mail your Congressman and Senator
You can look up the contact information for your Congressman and Senators through and Call them on the phone! Some of them may have a staffer dedicated to handling inquiries or willing to tell you which of the many addresses will get the mail in your representatives hands fastest.

Tell them you are tired of seeing lakes, rivers and streams polluted and wildlife, natural areas and working farms destroyed by conventional "cookie-cutter" subdivisions. Let them know that innovative conservation subdivisions provide a balanced approach to development and are more profitable, faster selling and less costly for landowners and developers than conventional subdivisions.

Write a letter to the editor
Involving your local media to help publicize the benefits of conservation subdivisions is an effective method. Never underestimate the power of the pen; your letter can make a difference! Get the dialogue started. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper today.

Use our template to get started.

(Editor's e-mail and mail contact information can be found by visiting the newspaper's website home page and clicking on the "Contact Us" or "About Us" links-these are sometimes hidden at the bottom of the page).

Tell your friends!
Spread the word. It's easy:
1. Click on the "Tell A Friend" button below.
2. Cut and paste the following message into the "Message" box:
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Serve on your local planning commission
You can help protect clean water, working farms, wildlife and natural areas in your community for future generations!
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Our sole purpose is helping communities preserve land, we appreciate your contributions.

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