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Other Choices for Preserving Your Land

Natural landscaping, rain gardens, and limited development offer landowners additional ways to protect land and clean water.

Here is some information to help you explore these options.

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Natural Landscaping 
Reduce mowing and create wildlife habitat in your backyard!

NWF Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program

Reduce costs! Natural landscaping for homes and businesses

Rain Gardens-Improve water quality! 

Create a rain garden (brochure and manual)

More rain garden information

Plans for different types of rain gardens
(do search for "Rain Gardens" once on page)

Help us reach landowners!

Limited Development
"If you own land and would like to conserve it, but need to receive some income, too, limited development...may offer you the opportunity to do both. 

Simply put, limited development means subdividing off fewer lots for housing than local zoning codes would permit. This allows the landowner to realize the financial gain of developing some of the land while protecting most of it.

In fact, the landowner may be able to sell the resulting home lots for a higher price than if he or she had built at the maximum number of units permitted by local zoning." From the Natural Lands Trust

Visit the Natural Lands Trust website to learn about
Limited Development

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