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Kids Page
Get out of the house!

Check out these links to fun sites on the Internet
Smokey Bear's Home Page - Smokey has a big job caring for the over 700 million acres of National Forests in the United States. Fire can devestate wildlife and trees.

Bug World - Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about slimy bugs.

Discover The Forest - Where the other you lives.

National Wildlife Federation Garden for Wildlife - Create a certified backyard wildlife habitat.

Wetlands Education - Games, activities and more from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Very fun and interactive, but what else would you expect from this guy?

Drinking Water & Ground Water Kids' Stuff - Fun activities and adventures from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Just for Kids Make a bat, Bald Eagle, river otter finger puppet and more.

Polluted Run Off Kids Page - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency fun activities for kids that teach about water pollution.

Nature Rocks
Family fun nature planner.

NOTE: While we may not agree with everything in the The Story of Stuff (below), it ties into how we waste land and natural resources. We feel it's message of over consumption and the importance of buying local, from family farms and downtown merchants, is important.

Kids need nature. Help us save it for them!

Here are some nature books kids will enjoy:

Inside Guides “Incredible Plants” Barbara Taylor, DK Publishing. Detailed three-dimensional models reveal plants in a way that have never been shown before.

My First Green Book Angela Wilkes, DK Publishing. A life-size guide to caring for our environment.

Stranger in the Woods Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick. The resident birds and animals react to a snowman appearing in the woods.

Backyard Science Chris Maynard, DK Publishing. What do earthworms do for a living? How can you change the color of flowers? Why can some insects walk on water? Over 50 experiments show you that science is growing like crazy all around us.

What Camping Can Teach Us Willow Creek Press. Life’s lessons learned from the great outdoors.

The Amazing Outdoor Activity Book Angela Wilkes, DK Publishing. Encourages every young adventurer to explore nature and discover new skills.

The DK Picturepedia “Birds” DK Publishing. Fly high in the sky to meet the marvels and mysteries of the world of birds.

Backyard Detective: Critters Up Close Nic Bishop, Scholastic Press. Take a closer look at the mini-wilds in your own backyard. Explore the life-size habitat scenes and discover more than 125 tiny animals and how they live.

Constellations: A Glow-in-the Dark Guide to the Night Sky Chris Sasaki, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. A galaxy of stars – and the exciting stories behind them – await you.

“Birds” DK Eyewitness Explorers Jill Bailey and David Burnie, DK Publishing. Things to make and do. Learn how to observe and record birds.

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