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Why donate to LandChoices?

As part of LandChoices' Supersize My Backyard campaign, Cub Scout Christopher Choma learns to create a conservation neighborhood using M&M's as house lots, courtesy Randall Arendt. Photo courtesy Sue Choma.

Your Money is Used Effectively
Donors invest in LandChoices because we safeguard their privacy, use their funds effectively, limit mailings and ensure donations directly support conservation.

As an all volunteer group, we educate the public, spend money on programs rather than overhead, and are making progress towards big goals.


Safe, Trusted and Secure
LandChoices is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization listed with Guidestar, the on-line standard for non-profit accountability:


It's Good to be First: Preserving Clean Water
We are the first and only group educating planners and landowners nationwide about conservation subdivisions-a better way for every beautiful place in America slated for development.

These innovative natural neighborhoods preserve the clean water, natural areas, wildlife and working farmland you cherish that conventional subdivision developments destroy.

Helping Landowners Preserve Land
Up to 90% of landowners are not aware of any other choices besides selling their land for development. We educate landowners and provide them with actionable information to preserve the lands you cherish.

Helping Save Camps and Preserve Nature
We are working to save the Boy Scout, Girl Scout and outdoor camps you cherish. Visit our blog at to join the conversation and learn how to preserve nature.

We Rely on You
LandChoices does not receive any government funding and does not rely on grants; simply put, we rely on your individual contributions to make this organization as strong as you want it to be.

We Respect Your Privacy
Privacy Statement


Stopped the sale of 564 acres of wilderness in Proud Lake State Recreation Area (MI).

Helped stop the sale of America's first Boy Scout Camp, 4,877 acre Camp Owasippe in west Michigan.

Launched the first national campaign, Supersize My Backyard, to reinvent the American subdivision to preserve clean water, wildlife, working farms and natural areas.

Created the first national website where planners can learn about conservation subdivisions, download a free ordinance and test existing ordinances at

LandChoices' video footage was featured in 2010 on Twin Cities Public Television (MN) in two, one hour programs:"Land Matters – Smarter Subdivisions" and "Land Matters – Rethinking Main Street", to educate planners, township officials, landowners and concerned citizens about conservation subdivisions. Noted planner and LandChoices' advisory group member Randall Arendt was the featured speaker.

You Can Help Save Land Today!

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"LandChoices is the first group to take this highly effective land-use approach (conservation subdivisions) countrywide..."

LandChoices’ member
Randall Arendt, the nation's foremost authority on conservation subdivisions.
Photo by Mari Harpur

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