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Conservation developments preserve networks of land

Conservation subdivisions provide an interconnected network of protected natural areas to protect wildlife, water quality in lakes and rivers, and working farmland.

In the two conservation subdivisions below, 138 acres, over 65% of the 211 total acres that could have been developed, have been preserved. A public trail connects the neighborhoods and parkland. Conventional "cookie cutter" subdivision design would have filled the parcel with house lots and streets. More information below.

Image courtesy Natural Lands Trust

London Grove Township, Chester County (PA) uses selective acquisition and their Growing Greener codes to implement the local Greenway and Trails Plan. The site plan above shows three parcels along tributaries to the White Clay Creek, designated under the federal Wild & Scenic Rivers program. The Township acquired the darkest green parcel with County grant funds and a conservation subdivision developer donated the hatched parcel, at no cost to the Township. Two Homeowners' Associations own and maintain the conservation subdivision open space.

amborn, the very large conservation subdivision on both sides of the road is 149 acres, with 105 lots and 103 acres of preserved open space. Of the 103 acres of open space, the developer donated 44 acres, at no cost to the Township, as a park. Gouge, the small subdivision with the circles, is 62 acres, with 35 acres of open space. Medford, at 35 acres, is a Township park. Not labeled is a 6 acre sliver the township bought in between the two to join them.

Prior zoning was "clueless clustering" so cluster codes were revised with true conservation design to protect a much greater amount of open space.

The property owners just south of the Medford piece are donating 40 acres of their 52 acres to the township to join to the park. This is a wonderful example of a township planning ahead to preserve natural lands while allowing growth.

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