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Big CampsTM
Fundraising ideas to help your camp raise funds

Have a fundraising idea to help save camps?
This is only a partial list. If you have ideas or are doing something effective to raise funds for your camp, please e-mail us at and if your idea is helpful, we will add it and your name (if you'd like) to the list! Thank you.

Get People on Your Board of Directors and Staff Who Like to Sell!
People on your staff and board of directors who are not afraid to ask for the sale and who think WAY beyond selling camp lands to raise funds are critical to your organization. Sales or marketing people, or business owners are great prospects, along with public relations, advertising and fundraising experts.

Thank Donors Promptly
Send a personalized thank you letter within 24 hours of receiving their gift.

Online Giving
Add a "Donate Now" button above the fold on the home page of your website so people can donate by credit or debit card. Add a "Donate Now" button to every page of your website. Note: This button is in addition to your "contribute" or other link in your navigation menu.

Monthly Giving
Offer your donors the option of giving monthly online or by mail.

Quarterly Newsletter
Keep in touch with your donors and attract new prospects by mail them a quarterly newsletter and include a reply envelope. Make it all about the donor and the good work their donations are helping you accomplish.

Improve Your Fundraising Skills
Suggested Reading: 
"Robin Hood Marketing: Stealing Corporate Savvy to Sell Just Causes" by Katya Andresen.

Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Your Website
Help your website rank high in search engine results pages so people looking to send children to camp can find you first.

Public Relations
Public relations is one of the most cost-effective methods you can use to reach new donors and parents and increase the number of children involved with your camp. You should be reaching out to the media on a consistent basis when you have new and relevant news to report, or programs for children.

More than 10 million kids go to camp each year. Although your camp is competing with other activities, sports and computer games, the reality is that every business has competition. With our nation's population increasing each year, you have a golden opportunity to attract kids to your camp simply by working with the media to get the word out.

Ask Your Donors
Mail your donors a form and ask them to tell you how often they want to be contacted. Then heed their wishes.

Major Donor Camp Tours
Probably the most powerful way to retain major donors and attract new ones.

An effective way to capture e-mail addresses of your website visitors and build a relationship with them.

Planned Giving
A powerful and unique way to attract funding.

Fundraising Training for Staff and Board
Visit Network For Good's FREE training courses at (click on the "Training" link in the upper right hand corner of the top navigation menu).

Rent Camp Land
Renting land for antique car shows, trade shows, corporate nature retreats, health retreats and events are just a few ways to raise extra funds.

Start a Blog
If you have the time, blogging is one of the most powerful ways to build relationships, increase search engine results and help the media come up with story ideas.

Wills and Bequests
One of the easiest, most lucrative and most underused fundraising tools.

Gifts of Stock

Sustainers Circle

Direct Mail
4-6 page personalized solicitation letters, postcards, and other forms of direct mail are effective and proven ways to attract funds from prospects and donors.

Online Press Kit
Journalists are busier than ever. Add an online press kit to your website to make it easy for them to write articles about your camp.

Co-op advertising
Your idea here!

Your idea here!

Just Ask!
You can't sell or raise funds if you don't ask for the sale.

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