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Benefits To: Landowners, Planners, Developers, Neighbors, Realtors, Residents

Advantages of Conservation Subdivisions (conservation development) for Developers

Randall Arendt discusses the financial
ts of conservation development

Make more money
One study on appreciation rates compared two subdivisions in Amherst, Massachusetts:

Homes in the conservation subdivision, also called a "conservation development", sold on average for $17,000 (13%) more than homes in the conventional subdivision where lots were twice as large.
From "Growing Greener", by Randall Arendt

Photo of Ponds At Woodward above courtesy Randall Arendt

Big Builder magazine on conservation subdivisions (conservation development)
"Leaving land in its natural state or building trails through it is cheaper than building infrastructure or golf courses." Big Builder magazine (May 1, 2006) Read the article (PDF)

Make more money
Using conservation subdivision design on an 80-lot development in Texas, noted planner Randall Arendt:

Cut conventional site grading costs from $300,000 to $50,000.

Retained value by saving 23 of the 24 large oak trees that otherwise would have been destroyed using conventional development.

One of Randall. Arendt's conservation subdivision designs is credited by an Indiana developer with:

Adding at least $20,000 of value to each lot ($800,000 total) while still providing for full development density.

Additional information
All about conservation design subdivisions (PDF File)

More Advantages
Faster Selling
Money really does grow on trees

Not Clustering
Conservation subdivision design vs. "Clustering"
More Benefits
Learn more by Randall Arendt

Conservation Design and New Urbanism
Learn more

New Booklet, Free Download, A Must Read!
Growing Greener, Conservation by Design (PDF)
(14 pages) (Courtesy Natural Lands Trust)

Note: There is no tax-deduction for a developer when he places a conservation easement on property in a conservation subdivision, also called a conservation development.

Photo by Mari Harpur

"The golf course development without the golf course"

LandChoices' member, Randall Arendt [website], the nation's foremost authority on conservation subdivisions, aka conservation development.

Make More Money
Save Money using conservation subdivisions

The Economics of Conservation Subdivisions (PDF)  
"The results show that lots in conservation subdivisions carry a premium, are less expensive to build, and sell more quickly than lots in conventional subdivisions." 

"Together, the results show that conservation subdivisions are more profitable to developers than conventional subdivisions." 

"That lots in conservation subdivisions sold in about half the time as lots in conventional subdivisions must be advantageous to the cash flow of developers." 

"These numbers translate into premiums for lots in conservation subdivisions ranging from $13,000 to $18,000 per acre over lots in conventional subdivisions."

Above from "The Economics of Conservation Subdivisions"

To read portable document files (PDF), click below

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