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Conservation Subdivisions

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Benefits To: Landowners, Planners, Developers, Neighbors, Realtors, Residents

Advantages of Conservation Subdivisions for The Landowner
Landowners used to only have two choices - either continue to own their land and conserve it, or sell it for development and see it destroyed.1

Many landowners are seeking full equity and are not in a financial position to preserve their land using traditional methods.
1. Parts from Conservare, Woodstock, IL.

Full Equity
"Landowners who view their property as their 'pension' no longer have to destroy their woods and fields in order to retire with a guaranteed income, as their equity is not diminished." Randall Arendt, noted planner commenting on conservation subdivision design 

Photo of conservation subdivision courtesy Randall Arendt

Read the book
Conservation Design for Subdivisions

Randall Arendt is the nation's foremost authority on conservation subdivisions. We recommend that landowners read his excellent book. For more books and DVDs visit Randall Arendt's website

Cultivating Natural and Cultural Landscapes through Conservation Subdivision Design (PDF)
(, Spring/Summer 2006)

Conservation subdivisions

You Don't have to Destroy the Land You Love
Read how two brothers concerned about the disposition of their family land used conservation design to preserve the property while increasing their profits by 61% over conventional development!  
Learn more

Note: Landowners can stipulate conservation subdivision design as a condition of sale.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Your property is worth more when it's developed with conservation in mind

Save Money using conservation subdivisions

The Economics of Conservation Subdivisions (PDF)  
"The results show that lots in conservation subdivisions carry a premium, are less expensive to build, and sell more quickly than lots in conventional subdivisions." 

"Together, the results show that conservation subdivisions are more profitable to developers than conventional subdivisions." 

"That lots in conservation subdivisions sold in about half the time as lots in conventional subdivisions must be advantageous to the cash flow of developers." 

"These numbers translate into premiums for lots in conservation subdivisions ranging from $13,000 to $18,000 per acre over lots in conventional subdivisions."

Above from "The Economics of Conservation Subdivisions"

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